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  1. muddypuddle

    using hop shot for dry hopping

    supposedly the hop shots sold by northern brewer are derived from 13% aa columbus hops. i got 2x5 gal kegs of a beer that was supposed to be an ipa, but the yeast was mislabeled and i ended up with a more belgian/wit phenolic beer that has muted hop character. i used calypso and bravo hops in...
  2. muddypuddle

    Rookie Question- transfer from 1 gallon

    I'm thinking of trying out this mead thing. I have seen a few posts re: 1 gal jug batches and was wondering how you transfered the mead from one of those. 1 gallon jugs i have seen are all screw top. do they make a 1 gallon jug carboy cap? i typically use 5 and 8 gallon carboys and use the...
  3. muddypuddle

    pitching 2nd yeast in 2ndary

    anyone done this? is it effective in changing flavor profile? it will help drive down the garvity a couple more points, but what are the drawbacks?