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  1. dragonbreath11

    Water Test Report - Linden,NJ

    Any thoughts on what type of beer is best suited for this water without any mineral additions?
  2. dragonbreath11

    2 Beers you never heard of

    - #2 is in a plastic bottle
  3. dragonbreath11

    Free kindle book: Beer Is Proof God Loves Us on Amazon

    Just a heads up. All you need is an Amazon account and a pc. No actual Kindle is required.
  4. dragonbreath11

    How's this for boiling wort?
  5. dragonbreath11

    More Advanced Beer and Brewing - Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits You Wish You Knew

    Pretty Decent video presentation on different aspects of malting and brewing with renowned brewing scientist, Charlie Bamforth if anyone is interested.
  6. dragonbreath11

    Wlp 002 (English Ale)Fermenting at 55F ambient.

    I was quite surprised by this phenomenon. I have no way to control temps. This weekend I brewed a brown porter and pitched this yeast at 61F which was Sunday. So I decided to put this in my garage which is seperate from my house and unheated. Here in the tri-state area (NJ,NY, CT) it...
  7. dragonbreath11

    Taking the plunge. Open Fermentation. Yes I'm willing to dump a batch.

    Hey guys. Anyone else here take the plunge? Your thoughts & experiences would be appreciated.
  8. dragonbreath11

    89% Eff with 12 hour mash & fine crush

    Just posting a heads up for all you overnight mashers. Normally I'm around 75% if I just do a 90 min mash. Mashed for 12 hours. 8.3lbs of grain yielded a SG of 1.035 at 8 gallons pre-boil!. Now it looks like my English Mild has turned into a Brown Porter hybrid. Here's the recipie...
  9. dragonbreath11

    Why I will never order from CHI Company again!!

    Ok last month on 8/27 I ordered a vial of yeast and some specialty grains. Not a big order, I don't brew all that much. I was looking to order some English yeast and various crystals for the upcoming winter beers. Later next week 9/7 I was excited as the package came. I opened it up and all...
  10. dragonbreath11

    Ponder this....

    According to Ray Daniels, author of "Designing Great Beers", one package of Wyeast yeast packet contains 2.5-5 billion cells per packet. "Still, amounts in this range are one hundred times less than the commercial pitching rate...." Ponder this next time you pitch one packet of yeast and find...
  11. dragonbreath11

    Yeast cake from corny?

    Is it possible to effectively pitch fresh wort on a yeast cake from a corny keg after the corny has been tapped and its contents drank? Or does the co2 kill the yeast? Have you done it?
  12. dragonbreath11

    What to do with botched bulk grain order?

    I ordered some grain from the CHI Company and someone botched the order and sent 21lbs of grain all in one sack instead of separating it. 3 x Crystal 60 (GW Crystal 60 - 1 Lb.) 2 x Carapils (Briess Carapils - 1 Lb.) 3 x Victory (Briess Victory - 1 Lb.) 3 x Roasted Barley - 1Lb...
  13. dragonbreath11

    Are there any tangible benefits of really long mashes? 4 hrs +?

    Are there any tangible benefits, despite a couple of gravity points, to doing really long mashes like 4+ hours ie. overnight?
  14. dragonbreath11

    I'm done with brewing. All my beers taste like ****

    I've been brewing for 3 years now and all my beers have this homebrew taste that is prevalent in all my beers no matter what beers I brew. I started using a charcoal filter and campden tablets. While this has alleviated the problem somewhat, there is still this underlying aftertaste that...
  15. dragonbreath11

    Would you dry hop an English Brown Ale?

    Title says it all. Thanks in advance.
  16. dragonbreath11

    Anybody tried this Instant Isinglass?
  17. dragonbreath11

    How long to oxygenate a 1.060 beer with pure oxygen using common homebrew regulator?

    This is my first time using the Home Depot oxygen canisters. My question is how long is optimal for a 1.060 beer on full blast with the regulator commonly sold to homebrewers?
  18. dragonbreath11

    Critique my Recipe Please

    Mosquito Smoked Porter- -10lbs. Marris Otter -1 Lb. Crystal Malt (20L) -1 Lb. Smoked Munich Malt (smoked in home-made smoker for 2 hours) -6 oz. Chocolate Malt -4 oz. Flaked Oats -2 oz. Black Patent -2.0 fluid oz blackstrap molasses OG estimate 1.062 ABV=6% FG estimate 1.016...