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  1. goybar

    Root Beer Recipe

    Hi All, I'm planning on making 3 gallons of force carbonated root beer. I have looked at a bunch of recipes and I combined a bunch scaled them up to three gallons. How does this look: Honey 24 oz Sarsaparilla 1/4 Cup + 2 tbsps Sassafras 1/4 Cup + 2 tbsps Brown Sugar 2 Cup...
  2. goybar

    Flask or Beaker

    I broke my 3L Erlenmeyer Flask, just barely clinked it against my 1 Liter Erlenmeyer and cracked it. Now I need a new one for my starters. I'm thinking 4000 ml makes more sense, a little extra room to avoid boil overs. Why would I not want to go with a 4000 ml Borosilicate Beaker...
  3. goybar

    Multiple RTD's?

    Can you use multiple RTDs sensors on a PID? Multiple inputs to help get more consistent temperature throughout the mash? I do BIAB, and recirculate with a pump, I monitor the temperature from the bottom of the kettle (sight glass with Thermometer), and at the wort return (into mash)...
  4. goybar

    Question for P-J

    First off thank you for all the wonderful diagrams you make for everyone. They are a tremendous resource for us all. With all the build threads on here, I don't think I ever saw the system you actually brew with. Did I just miss the thread? Have an pictures you would like to share...
  5. goybar

    Contactor Question

    Hi All, I'm trying to figure out what the contactor in many(/all) of PJs diagrams is for. If the SSR is turning on/off in conjunction with the PID, what is the purpose of the contactor? I'm sure it is obvious, but I can't seem to wrap my mind around it. -chris
  6. goybar

    18-D Belgian Golden Strong Ale - Question

    Hi All, I would like to make a Belgian Golden Strong Ale. I plan on using Jamil Z. recipe. Continental Pilsner and Cane/Beet Sugar. When do I add the Sugar? During the 90 minute boil? Into the fermentor? This may be obvious, but I've never added Sugar to my beers. I primarily...
  7. goybar

    Best/Safest Method of installing an Element

    I have been reading through the electric forum and others for some time. I keep vacillating between propane and electric. I finally (maybe) have decided to move over to electric. I know there are a ton of ways to install an element, and I'm sure they all have some inherent risk...
  8. goybar

    Type-L 3 Way Ball Valves

    Can you control the flow with type-l ball valves or is it on/off out port 1 or two? I would like to attach a type-l to the output of my pump to control the flow rate to my recirculation and then to the chiller. Chris
  9. goybar

    Glacier Tank: Brew Kettle/Mash Tun Combo

    Anyone seen or used of of these? A little pricey, but no more than a Blichman Boilermaker. I was thinking it would make for a great 10 gallon BIAB kettle. Chris
  10. goybar

    BG12 Question

    I know there are a ton of threads on the BG12, I've been reading them. It seems like everyone loves them for a MLT. I do BIAB. I currently use a 40qt Aluminum pot with the SP10. Works fine, but controlling mash temp is not that easy. Boiling is a piece of cake with the SP10. I'm...
  11. goybar

    Munich Helles WLP830 hit 81*

    My lager fermentation temperature control failed. After about 2 days at 53* my temperature rose to 81*. It was fine in the morning 6:45AM but when I checked in the evening after work it was 81* around 6:45PM. By the next morning it was down to 65*, by evening back to around 56*. Is...
  12. goybar

    Grain Mill Motors..

    I read the Motorized Grain Mills: Time to show them off! thread, and I really like the direct drive (gearmotor) options I was seeing. I really don't know that much about gearmotors. Would this be the right kind of motor...
  13. goybar

    Haier Wine Refrigerator

    Would this Haier Wine Refrigerator work as a Kegerator? Haier Wine Refrigerator Chris
  14. goybar

    Kenmore 5.7 cu.ft. Kegerator?

    Has anyone make a kegerator out of the Kenmore 46-95882? Kenmore My local sears is selling what looks to be a returned or floor model for $215. Looks like it would make an excellent one. Regards, Chris
  15. goybar

    Direct Fired vs Tube Electric RIMS

    Hi All, What are the benefits of a RIMS Tube vs a Direct Fired (Element in kettle/mash tun) RIMS? I'm thinking that a Direct fired RIMS system would be more like the Speidel's Braumeister. Chris
  16. goybar

    Whirlpool through RIMS

    Hi All, I plan on building a RIMS setup this year. Taking little steps as I go and funds become available. I want to order all the Quick disconnects or Tri-Clamps in one shot to avoid additional shipping costs. I want to whirlpool chill my wort. Can I whirlpool through the RIMS tube...
  17. goybar

    Electric Stove Top and RIMS

    Hi All, If I have a 120V RIMS tube set up, can I crank up the heat on the PID and recirculate the wort to assist my stove top in getting the (5.5 gallon batch) full volume boil going? Then just use electric stove top to maintain a rolling boil? Thanks, Chris
  18. goybar

    Filtering post boil?

    Hi All, I have recently started to use the BIAB method for all grain brewing. This weekend I made a 5 gallon batch of doppelbock. It is extremely cloudy. I used 1 tablet of whirlflock with about 4 minutes left in the boil. I used a hop bag. Chilled from boiling to ~80* in less...
  19. goybar

    Starter Question

    Hi All, I'm making a Doppelbock next weekend. According to the pitch rate calculator at I need a 2.8L starter. Should I make a single 2.8L starter or step it up? For example a 1 liter then add 2 liters? Regards, Chris
  20. goybar

    One 220v or two 110v?

    Which would be better one 220v or two 110v elements? I currently use a sp10 but electricity seems like a great way to go. Easier to brew inside durring the winter months. would a 220v heat stick be a bad/dangerous thing? Chris