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  1. Cubslover

    Indiana Glass Items (1gal Carboys, 50mL Pyrex Tubes)

    Sold most of my brewery, now selling the other items I've accrued. I have: 4 - 1 Gallon Brown Carboys (Fisher Scientific) - $13 Local 13 - Pyrex 50mL test tubes for yeast cultures - $2.50 Each (all for $25)/shipped Misc. Flasks...all Pyrex....price is shipped 2 - 500mL Erlenmeyer Flasks -...
  2. Cubslover

    Indiana MicroLogix 1000

    I have a MicroLogix 1000 for sale. Can get pics and info for you this afternoon. $75 shipped.
  3. Cubslover

    Precision Digital Process Meter and controller

    Precision Digital panel meter and controller PD690-3 Has 24VDC supply to supply an instrument and read a 4-20ma loop signal. $75/shipped.
  4. Cubslover

    Indiana Complete Brewery

    Having to give it up. Been forming an allergy to most beer yeasts over the last couple years. Two beers do me in now. Most other items are sold, still have the freezer... 7.5 Cu Ft GE Chest Freezer with Temperature Control (will control 50-84 DegF) - $250 I also have quite a bit of...
  5. Cubslover


    Not going to be automating, so I'm selling the Solenoids I've accumulated. ASCO Red Hat 120V coils, Brass body, watertight coil (1) 3/8"NPT - $50/shipped (2) 1/2"NPT - $80/shipped (1) 3/4" NPT - $100/shipped Also have some 1/4" solenoids of misc. manufacture, $35/shipped. Message for info...
  6. Cubslover

    Indiana ControlLogix - Processors, ENET, CNB

    Anyone running full size Allen Bradley Controls? I have a few L55 processors for sale. All batteries have been tested OK and disconnected. Processors have been flashed to version 16.022. All are blank. M12 Memory: Qty. 2 - $125/shipped M22 (750k memory) - $100/Shipped. ENET/A cards: Qty. 5...
  7. Cubslover

    ControlLogix L55 processor

    Added more items, created new thread.
  8. Cubslover

    Brew Stand Build and questions

    I'm putting my drawings together for a 2 or 3 tier stand and the following questions popped up. 1. What are your pros and cons from a 2 to 3 tier stand? - obvious answers: You don't need a 38" inseam or a ladder to access the HLT You need a pump for ANY...
  9. Cubslover

    Automation items (Honeywell, Allen Bradley)

    Honeywell UDC2300, not sure if this is a controller or a temp switch only. I can get you the electronic manuals. I have two generations, first come first choice. $50 Shipped. Newer unit sold to VodoMagoo. Also an Allen Bradlry Hx700 timing relay. Used this to run a grow light for my...
  10. Cubslover

    Any golfers? Cleveland Lob Wedge

    I have a clean RH Cleveland CG12 60* lob with a 4* bounce that I'm looking to get rid of. New Sharpro grip. Would trade for a 15.5 keggle (or keg, I'll cut and drill it myself) or a 34+ Qt HD Aluminum Kettle. Will to sell if anyone just wants to purchase. I'll split the shipping on your end.
  11. Cubslover


    I know it's best to cut them back and cover the base, but does anyone here do anything else to their plants before winter hits? I cover mine with a couple inches of compost followed by a couple inches of mulch and finally two burlap sacks folded twice and staked down over the rhizomes...
  12. Cubslover

    Kontes/Kimble distillation tubes/condensers

    I have two, new in box Kontes Distillation tubes or Condensers. Probably more suited towards the use in distilling essential oils or small amount is ethanol. $70 local $80/shipped Trades for a good boil kettle or kegging setup.
  13. Cubslover

    Indiana 1 Gallon Glass Carboys

    I have a few Glass Carboys in 1 gallon size. $8 local. Will get pics up shortly.
  14. Cubslover

    Indiana (2) Peristaltic Pumps

    I have two Lab Grade Peristaltic Pumps for sale, a little dirty but in good condition. Looks to be Stainless pump heads and 1/2" tubing. I got them and stored them with the intention of building a HERMS unit, but never got around to it. They are on variable speed drives with remote...
  15. Cubslover

    About to give in...Need your help and support please

    As a back story; I've brewed for 7-8 years now, I switched to all grain 2 years ago. I've struggled with what I believe to be Acetobacter in my last 6, yes SIX batches. 5 of them were whole grain batches. I felt great about them, hit my temps, hit my SG, quick thorough fermentation, then...
  16. Cubslover

    Indiana For sale: 15.5gal Keggle 48qt cube MLT

    I am in West Lafayette, Indiana. I can meet somewhere if needed. Sold to Brum15.5gal Stainless AB Keggle. Clean, no problems. $75 48qt Igloo Cube converted to a MLT. Insulated lid, holds temp for 1hr +. Square CPVC manifold. Brass Ball valve. $60. Correct my prices if I am...
  17. Cubslover

    building an automated tier setup, couple ? s

    I am gathering parts for my 3 tier automated setup. I'm planning to have a 1/4" solenoid valve for fly sparging and need to decide on which size valve for the initial strike. Would 1/2" suffice (already have a 1/2" bulkhead and valve) or should I go up to 1" to move water quicker? I've done...
  18. Cubslover

    Killer find

    15.5 gal mic light keg... $10 Already cut the top of with a plasma cuttter and scrubbed it out.
  19. Cubslover

    Took a break and now need a hand...

    Amidst moving and just taking a break (gasp) from brewing for a bit, I've seem to have lost some of my learnings... I'm brewing a hoppy wheat soon... 5lb 2-row 3lbs each Red and white wheat 1.5lb rice hulls. My brew kettle is 7.5gal and if I do a double infusion mash (122/154/168) with a...
  20. Cubslover

    Did I ruin them?

    We are in the process of moving and we've had to move a ton of stuff into storage. Thursday we moved the remainder of our stuff into storage and I had a tote with grains and hops I meant for my in-laws freezer. Are 4 days in 35-60 degree weather going to ruin them? I can get them after work...