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  1. anicola

    Downy Mildew

    Does this look like Downy Mildew? Centennial in Sacramento Delta, Ca. Temps in 100's for weeks. Winds constant 20-25 mph. Spraying Neem oil weekly No spider mites. My Chinook, Newport and Columbus also exhibit this condition. Starts in leaves then spreads to cones
  2. anicola

    Hermaphrodite Columbus 1st year

  3. anicola

    Help sourcing BK element power controller

    I have a 10 gal BK with 220v 4500 watt heat element. Simple manual system no PIDS , pumps or HERMS. i need to source a device (rheostat?) with which i can dial down the amount of current to heater element to maintain a good rolling boil. Looking for cost effective solution. My only thought is...
  4. anicola

    Heretic Brewing Company

    Support your local Brewer.. Bottled yesterday 11/14/11 Heretic Brewing Company .. Old Town Pittsburg, California
  5. anicola


    THis look normal to you? This is my first batch using WLP810 SF Lager. All my previous batches were fermented with WLP001. I'm hoping this is just the way this beastie rolls: Large airy clumps with a dusting of green ( hop debris?) on top of the usual white layer of dormant yeast... Kinda...