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  1. chezzesteak

    Wisconsin Tower of Power + Boilermakers

    just to be honest man.... that's a lot of dough. people will want to see whats going on before they plop down over 3 k for the sale. with that said man oh man I wish I had a spare 3 k
  2. chezzesteak

    Virginia Electric Brewing Control Panel

    nice panel bro. good luck
  3. chezzesteak

    Nebraska New, never used complete 20 gal. HERMS setup!

    good looking stuff bro. GLWS
  4. chezzesteak

    taking corny keg camping

    easy... use the hand held charger to charge it up to dispense. few pumps, boom.. make sure you bring plenty of charges. if your bringing a few I would just look at bringing a tank. I did three last year for my fishing trip and I brought a 5# tank. anything after 1 or 2 your just better...
  5. chezzesteak

    Temp Display

    so i want digital display of my temps but not to control anything. so on another thread i found these.. trying to look for something just like it...
  6. chezzesteak

    Temp Display, Not Temp Controller

    What thermo couples are recommended? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  7. chezzesteak

    New advice

    Found info. Looking in wrong area. Sorry guys. You can delete Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  8. chezzesteak

    Temp Display, Not Temp Controller

    Was just looking for something like this. Thank you Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  9. chezzesteak

    New advice

    Yes Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  10. chezzesteak

    New advice

    Trying to set up a control panel and have no clue on electricity so I have hired my buddy, for beer of course, to help me. I am more interested in a digital read out of my temps rather than it to fire on something or maybe I should just include that as well? He says he has no problem with...
  11. chezzesteak

    The Johnson Controller... Which one is best?

    I like the analog ones. No programming just turn the dial, and cheaper. Easy to raise temp for lagers over a couple of days. I have three different ones and I prefer the analog over all of them
  12. chezzesteak

    Maryland Johnson Controls A419ABC-1C

    And i will do thirty shipped for the last one
  13. chezzesteak

    White Labs Ferm Flask by Sabco (Custom Design)

    Serious home brew porn
  14. chezzesteak

    Newbie guestion

    Wait a couple more days. Sounds like it is starting, but starting slow. It can take 48 hours or more to see ferm activity .
  15. chezzesteak

    FS OR TRADE XBOX 360 and all Gear

    Pm box cleared