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  1. 2005STi

    Beer tastes earthy

    Hi everyone. I'm having an issue with my hoppy beers which I use distilled water and add minerals to the strike water. All of my beers have been tasting pretty minerally/earthy and harsh. I wanted to know if I'm adding too much or too little salts to my water. I'll use 8 gallons of distilled...
  2. 2005STi

    Too many hops?

    I just brewed an IPA tripling the typical weight of hops I throw in and 10 days after brew day it has a big unpleasant hot alcohol and phenolic flavor/aroma. I cannot begin to figure out how I'm getting this flavor. Here's the recipe/process: All Deer Park water with Gypsum/NaCL added to...
  3. 2005STi

    Pennsylvania DudaDiesel Plate Chiller

  4. 2005STi


    Any reasons why combining an o2 regulator, a disposable o2 tank, vinyl tubing, and an air stone wouldn't work to oxygenate my wort ?
  5. 2005STi

    Pennsylvania DudaDiesel Plate Chiller

    I'm selling my B3-12A 30 Plate, DudaDiesel Plate Chiller. It has 3-4 batches through it, flushed back and forth several times in each direction after use. I tried gravity feeding this thing but you really need your wort making several passes to get it down to pitching temp. Gravity feeding it...
  6. 2005STi

    Help with my water

    Hi everyone, I've been brewing for 8 months, 5 extract batches and 6 all grain. I've been reading a lot and listening to the BN everyday on my long commute but haven't dove into the plethora of info on water yet. I was wondering if you guys could help me with how to tweak my water to make a nice...
  7. 2005STi

    Help with my water

  8. 2005STi

    Batch sparge volume and boil off

    I'm new to AG and still getting used to my system (10 gal boilermaker and 10 gal Rubbermaid MT, 5 gal batches). I use BeerSmith for my batch sparge volumes and it always tells me to mash in X gal, wait an hour, then add Y volume for say a total of 3 gallons for first runnings. Then I sparge and...
  9. 2005STi

    Plate Chiller

    Hi everyone, I just brewed my 4th AG batch and 8th overall. Ive been using a 30 plate Dudadesiel chiller for my last 3 batches. I never get good cooling out of it. Its a gravity fed setup which hasn't clogged on me. Tonight my ground water temp was roughly 80* and after 2 passes in 20 minutes, I...
  10. 2005STi

    Short term ferm temp change

    Hi everyone. I usually use the water bottle method for my ferm temp control but I moved into a new house with a very cool basement. First 24 hrs the fermometer read 61-62 and I was worried about being too cold and getting poor attenuation so I moved it to my upstairs bath tub. The next day after...