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  1. lotusworker

    Pot and MLT cooler upgrades

    I am thinking about upgrading my HLT. It is not really big enough for doing 5 gallon batches, but I get away with using another pot. I looking to get a big HLT for 5 gallon and possibly 10 gallon. I have a keggle for the boil and 10 gallon mash cooler setup. Any recommendations on HLT...
  2. lotusworker

    mini fridge suggestions

    I want to get a min fridge to use a ferm chamber with a stic-1000 build. It will be getting hot and want to move my carboy from my closet into the garage. I already have a keezer and really don't want another chest freezer as usually do 1 brew at a time. What do you use for a min fridge and...
  3. lotusworker

    Belgian wit brew questions

    Got my first all grain brew under my belt. It turned out pretty good, but looking for a change on next batch. It is lacking the orange and coriander flavor that I rember when did extract and partial brews. I used a paint strainer for hops and additives, but think should just dump in...
  4. lotusworker

    Beer clarity questions

    So I just started brewing all grain and switched over to kegging at the same time thanks to my new garage. I am still waiting to put my new stc-1000 together this weekend, but have been plugging in the freezer to keep it cold. I checked the beer after 2 weeks in there with a 11 psi. The...
  5. lotusworker

    Wrong Temp controller

    Hi guys, Putting together my keezer and I think I ordered the wrong temp controller. It looks like the stc 1000 but it is clearly not the same. In my haste, I found a link from someone and just pulled the trigger. It was cheap enough from china, so I really have no desire to ship it for a...
  6. lotusworker

    Oatmeal Stout Boston Strong Oatmeal Stout

    I have brewed this so many times and it only gets better with age. I think this lasted 2 months once and seemed to taste the best. The CEO of my wife's work wanted to actually fund me to start my own brewery with this beer. Ingredients Amount Item Type % or IBU 6.00 lb Amber Dry Extract...
  7. lotusworker

    What to do with multiple kegs?

    Just started kegging and need some guidance. I have a 20lb tank, dual regulator and 4 way manifold. Obviously my first keg will be pressurized fine, but what do I do about my 2nd keg when it is ready. Ideally a double regulator or second tank would be ideal, but I don't have the dough to get...
  8. lotusworker

    Keezer fan wiring help

    I plan on using some old 12 volt fans and wiring it to 12 Bolger adapter plugs. Is there a way to wire 2 fans to 1 plug? I am assuming no since it would be 24 volts there such thing as 6 volt fans..trying to not have too many plugs. I am also build a stc 1000.. Could I wire both...
  9. lotusworker

    what should i add to my water

    I got a water profile before I filter my water with a .5 micron filter. Should I be adding anything to it for a oatmeal stout or Belgian Wit recipe. I tried to read all about it and probably can figure it out, but it bores me and I figure there are smarter people than me out there. see attached
  10. lotusworker

    First AG and trying to figure out batch sparging

    I am planning my first AG brew. I get the batch sparging technique and want to keep is simple, but still trying to wrap my head about strike volumes and what to add to get 6.5 to 7 gallons of wort to boil. Can anyone help? I basically only want to do 1 addition of water after i let it sit...
  11. lotusworker

    kegging co2 equipment

    I am getting into kegging and collecting all my equipment. Trying to look for deals. Would this tank be a good deal? I am not sure if it is filled, but the price seems right. What should I look for on this tank? I am guessing they are all pretty standard and you hook up the regulator and...
  12. lotusworker

    Cast iron burner propane help

    Hi all, I just started putting together my equipment to make the shift from kitchen extract and partial brewing to all grain. I came across a free burner and stand that was a little rusty, but I manage to clean it up pretty good. It looks like a standard cast iron burner, but I don't know...
  13. lotusworker

    New to All grain

    Hi all, Been brewing mostly extract and partials since did not have much equipment. i know have a garage and plan to add some new equipment. I converted my oatmeal stout in Beer smith, but have a few questions about my mash profile and what i would need for a mash tun. I would like...
  14. lotusworker

    Sanke kegs North Carolina

    Looking for 2-3 sanke kegs. Looking to make keggles, lmt, hlt
  15. lotusworker

    Wine recipes

    I have some great 1 gallon recipes. I want to start making 5 gallon ones. Do these scale up with all the ingredients for ingredients and other chemicals. I could find other recipes but like how my 1 gallon ones have turned out.
  16. lotusworker

    Kegging ideas

    Hi guys, Only 3 brews in to homebrewing, but looking for alternatives to bottling. What are some low cost less equipment alternatives to bottling? Not looking to sacrifice quality of course, but not looking for top of the line. Any recommendations? I typically plan to brew 5 gallons a month.
  17. lotusworker

    Oatmeal stout critique please

    I am brewing my second brew and looking for a good oatmeal stout recipe. I looked at most recipes and wanted to do an extract and specialty grains brew because want to get into all grain someday. I am on using a grain bag, 1 for the specialty grain and another for the oatmeal, but am not set...