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  1. Spludge

    Elevated Six Carboy Fermentation Chamber

    ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - $400 This chamber has a temp controller probe that takes a reading directly from your fermenting beer, and either turns on the fridge if it needs to cool or turns on the heater if needs to warm. Fermentation chamber large enough for six carboys, off the ground a few feet...
  2. Spludge

    All Grain Gravity Homebrew Stand 10G Batches

    ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - $900 With a heavy heart I am selling my brew stand! After gaining a bunch of experience brewing over 50 batches in Seattle, I built this system when I moved back home to Anchorage. Marriage, work and children have taken priority over this, so it is time to find it a better...
  3. Spludge

    Brew Day Visitor

    Apparently moose like Hefe :)
  4. Spludge

    Drilling Bulkhead Fittings

    Due to my mash tun setup, I have a lot of deadspace and it drains fairly slow. I was thinking of drilling a bunch of 1/16" holes in the bottom of the three SS fittings that connect the screens to the bulkhead. Is there any reason this would be a bad idea?
  5. Spludge

    Elevated Six Carboy Fermentation Chamber

    Plan was to build a fermentation chamber large enough for six carboys that was off the ground a few feet and front loading. This would 1) make is easier for carboys to go in and out 2) able rack to secondary without moving primary vessel 3) provide storage space underneath. Father-in-law...
  6. Spludge

    Welded HLT Build

    Plan is 5 ft tall HLT for gravity 3-tier system. The mash tun will be on separate stand and brew pot on Blichmann burner w/ leg extensions. 15 gal HLT, 25 gal mash tun, 20 gal brew pot. Cut the legs of old burner to use for HLT: Bought 40 feet of square steel in 10 foot sections for...
  7. Spludge

    Ss Brewing or MegaPot

    Hey all, question for the brain trust that is HBT. Going to buy a 20 gallon boil kettle for 10G batches, wondering which one to buy. I've been researching, but wanted to hear from people first hand. Megapot 1.2 Ss Brewing Anyone have strong preference for either? I am leaning...
  8. Spludge

    Co2 Tank - Canadian Border Question

    Does anyone know if there are restrictions for taking a Co2 bottle into Canada? I will be driving from Seattle to Alaska, via Canada, and I am not sure if I can bring this portion of my kegging equipment with me. Thanks for any help!
  9. Spludge

    Recipe Development - Blood Orange Ale

    It's been awhile since I've posted on HBT, hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to formulate a recipe similar to a ‘blood orange ale’ I had at a small brewery. I have the following description: After a brew of pale, Munich, and dextra-pils malts, bittered with Citra, flavored w/...
  10. Spludge

    Best Pale Ale EVER!

    Hey all, I have been searching through pale ale recipes trying to find something to brew tomorrow night. My search has been inconclusive, currently I am thinking about the Jamil Pale Anyone make an excellent AG pale and wouldn't mind sharing the recipe? Thanks! :mug: RO
  11. Spludge

    Red Bull Kegerator

    Hey all, I wanted to share the Red Bull fridge I'm using as a kegerator. It's a little on the booty-fab side, but it works :mug: Initially, the keg was a couple inches too tall. Removed the basket Fan in the bottom Hole the fan draws air through I flipped the fan in the case, so it...
  12. Spludge

    Taking Keg to Gathering

    Hey all, I am taking a corny keg to a poker get together at a friend's house. I just have a couple of questions Will the drive turn it uber foamy? Just stick the keg in a container of ice? Is the fridge better? If I use ice, does the CO2 need to be in it as well? TIA:mug:
  13. Spludge

    Business School Survey

    Hey all, I am currently a student (and part-time brewer) at the Foster School of Business at UW. I have a two minute survey if anyone has a little time. Working on project about hand-held devices at stadiums and website development. Thanks! :mug...
  14. Spludge


    I have a compost bin in my backyard. I have been throwing my spent grains form the mash tun, hops and yeast slurry in it. I haven't given it much time, but is this a good practice or am I ruining the bin? TIA
  15. Spludge

    Yeast Procedure

    Here is my plan: Is it sound? Brewing 5 gallons of Denny Conn's Rye IPA, est. OG 1.073 I have two Wyeast Activators, 1272 American Ale II My plan is to make a 1000ml starter the night before brewday, using only one of the activators. I will leave it on a stir plate overnight. The next day...
  16. Spludge

    Split Batch

    I am going to brew ten gallons of an AG recipe and wanted to see if anyone had a recipe recommendation. My plan is to brew ten gallons and then split into two 5 gallon batches. One will receive an ale yeast and be fermented at ale temps. The other 5 gallons will be pitched with lager yeast and...
  17. Spludge

    No NSF SS Pot, ok?

    Bought this pot on EBay earlier. Upon a closer look I noticed in the ad it said "Sorry NO NSF if it had it would be twice the cost" I don't think this will be a hazard but wanted to double check and see if anyone had some insight into this. Here is an article about NSF as well. TIA for any...
  18. Spludge

    ICED while brewing

    Went inside to get some yeast nutrient, came out and reached for the brewspoon - ICED! ( [/IMG]
  19. Spludge

    Hate bottling?

    Here is your solution...... linky MUAHAHAHA:mug:
  20. Spludge

    Splitting Batch

    Hey all, I have 5 gallons of hefe that has been in primary for two weeks now. I would like to split it into two 2.5 gallon batches and add raspberry extract to half. My plan is to transfer half of the beer out of the primary vessel into a second 5 gallon carboy with the extract. I will leave...