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  1. muddypuddle

    using hop shot for dry hopping

    supposedly the hop shots sold by northern brewer are derived from 13% aa columbus hops. i got 2x5 gal kegs of a beer that was supposed to be an ipa, but the yeast was mislabeled and i ended up with a more belgian/wit phenolic beer that has muted hop character. i used calypso and bravo hops in...
  2. muddypuddle

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    let the new guy win!
  3. muddypuddle

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    more gear!
  4. muddypuddle

    Rookie Question- transfer from 1 gallon

    I'm thinking of trying out this mead thing. I have seen a few posts re: 1 gal jug batches and was wondering how you transfered the mead from one of those. 1 gallon jugs i have seen are all screw top. do they make a 1 gallon jug carboy cap? i typically use 5 and 8 gallon carboys and use the...
  5. muddypuddle

    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    did you guys do any adjustments to your water when mashing and/or sparging?
  6. muddypuddle

    pitching 2nd yeast in 2ndary

    Thanks for the reply Revvy. This was not for covering up flavor. the beer is still in primary, has been for 12 days. the fermentation has lagged. it was a big beer- OG 1.090 and temps were low. I have used some down sleeping bags and carboy jacketes to raies the temps and fermentation is...
  7. muddypuddle

    pitching 2nd yeast in 2ndary

    anyone done this? is it effective in changing flavor profile? it will help drive down the garvity a couple more points, but what are the drawbacks?