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  1. jtlawlor

    Keezer Bar Build for the O'Leathlobhair Brewery

    Saw some other threads on the subject -- so I thought I would document my build as well... Started Dec 2010. Concept: Keezer Bar build for a small basement. DIY Concert counter top, 2 tap draft tower, rough dimensions 42" high, 24" wide 52" long. Materials: $40 craigslist find - 5.5cu chest...
  2. jtlawlor

    My first RIS recipe

    I cobbled this together from a couple different things I like, ie. Dragon's Milk and Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. 13lbs 2Row 3lbs Munich 1lb Roasted Barley 1lb Crystal 60 1lb Crystal 120 .5lb Chocolate Malt .5lb Debittered Black 1oz Columbus 60min 1oz Centennial 45min 1oz...
  3. jtlawlor

    Char-Broil Grill Patio Caddie [FREE for pickup]

    [Pay it forward] I have a Char-Broil Grill in my garage taking up space. Patio Caddie: In good shape - probably 5-6 yrs old, but has not been used for the last 2. FREE to anyone that can pick...
  4. jtlawlor

    New Years Eve Hor d'oeuvre Ideas?

    Gotta make some "Hordeovers" for New Years Eve party. And looking for ideas, something new, something to maybe impress, and reasonable on the pocketbook... I have a lot of standards for NYE: Gruyere Swiss Cheese Fondue, Swedish Meatballs, Slow cooked caramelized BBQ Chicken wings, Cheese...
  5. jtlawlor

    Guinness Clone with WY1728

    Question: I was wondering the effects of using a Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale instead of the WL004 Irish Ale in a Guinness Stout Clone? Seems pretty close - and the Wyeast page names this for Extra Stout styles... (Note: I have a 1728 in the fridge, washed, from a Scottish Ale) WL004 Attenuation...
  6. jtlawlor

    32 qt Turkey Fryer DEAL

    I don't know if this is allowed here - but I thought I would post a Turkey Fryer deal that I found and picked up 1 for myself. Bass Pro Shop: $39 (normally $79)
  7. jtlawlor

    Making small amount of Wort for a starter

    <newbie AG alert> First I searched here and it obviously looks like I can use Wort for a starter. But here is my question... I have about 3lbs of Pale Malt grains that I won't be using for my AG batch... so what would your recommendations of grain to water for creating a small wort for my...