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  1. punkrawkgeek

    BrewTarget Database???

    I have switched over from Windows 7... Didn't wanna deal with it anymore. Anyways... I am looking for my BrewTarget database... And I can't find it anywhere. I was wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  2. punkrawkgeek

    Help with a beer kit

    I was given a beer kit from a friend. The Original Canadian Adventure Ale kit. I have been making beer and such for a little while, but i am clueless to these kits. I've heard they aren't all that good, and would like to make it a bit more tasty. It is a pre-hopped LME can, and yeast. Add malt...
  3. punkrawkgeek

    Over Cooled my wort...

    I was cooling my wort in an ice bath last night, and I fell asleep. Note to self: Don't brew later in the evening. Should it still be okay? Pour in to my brew bucket and pitch the yeast?? Hoping I haven't ruined a whole batch.
  4. punkrawkgeek

    Want to Make a Berliner - Help!

    So I have ingredients to make a Berliner Weiss. And I would love to make it, as I love the style. But the only thing is, I cannot keep a full 3 gallons at 100-110F for a couple of days. Is there any way I can make a lacto starter and then add enough to the wort I make to make it a sour? Blend it...
  5. punkrawkgeek

    Kegging cider...?

    So I have three gallons of cider, which is done and nicely aged. I was planning on kegging it up, but I've never Kegged a cider before. Any suggestions on how I'd go about doing so? Thanks!
  6. punkrawkgeek

    Should I add more yeast???

    I've got an Imperial Chocolate Pepper Stout on the go... And I was going to bottle it. I don't know if I should add more yeast or not. It has been in primary for 3 weeks... and secondary for about a week. It clocked in at OG 1.10. It has gone down to 1.028 as a FG. Should i add more s-05? or...
  7. punkrawkgeek

    Mash... or NOT to Mash.

    Hi. I was going to put on an my first IPA tomorrow morning, and I didn't know what to do with the grains. I think i should mash them, but I would love some expert info, if I could. 8.2 lbs pale extract 1 lbs Northwest Pale Ale Malt 1 lbs Vienna Malt 8 oz Crystal 30 Malt Thanks for the...
  8. punkrawkgeek

    Cider/Cyser Gone Bad...?

    I made a cider/cyser at the beginning of April. 1 gallon. Let it sit... And well, I forgot about it in the closet. It is still sitting. Airlock still has a bit of water in it, but very low. Smells. Sour milk kind of smell. It is still on the yeast. I didn't even rack it to secondary. I am scared...
  9. punkrawkgeek

    Broken 3g carboy...

    I brewed up 3 gallons of an ESB... and well, my only 3g carboy broke. So I evenly put the wort in to three 1g carboys and then topped them up, somewhat equal. Was just wondering, I am now at bottling... Should I just mix them all together and prime it and bottle? or should i do each separate??
  10. punkrawkgeek

    An Extract bitter Recipe...

    I am trying to come up with a recipe for my dad, that loves bitters... and I thought I would ask you guys before I went head over heels on something that is going to taste like poop. This is what I have come up with... SP - Extract BI Bitter - Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)...
  11. punkrawkgeek

    Forgot to get OG...

    So, I just finished doing an apple beer... and got it all in the carboy... and forgot to take a OG reading. It has been in there for about 30 mins. Is there anything I can do? Put it through BeerSmith and see what they say?? Ummmm... should of been babysitting while I was making beer. Doh.
  12. punkrawkgeek

    Cider and Sun (UV)

    I have my little set up in my kitchen, and it is getting to that time of the year, where we actually get some sunny days. I was just wondering, is cider as bad as beer, when mixed with sun light? Does it give it off flavors or anything?? I've looked about, but i couldn't find anything on it...
  13. punkrawkgeek

    Buy caps online?

    I was just thinking about getting caps... And i didn't know if it were better to buy caps online or if it is just as good getting them in the LHBS. Is there any good places online? I live in BC, Canada. Any help would be great! need some more caps! :D
  14. punkrawkgeek

    Infection in my bottles...?

    I just bottle carbed about 15 or 20 bottles, and they don't seem all that... Pleasant to the eye. Looks like stringy little guys hanging from where the top of the cider is in the bottle. Normal? Anything I can do? Here's a pic. Not very good... Sent from my SGH-I337M using Home Brew mobile app
  15. punkrawkgeek

    Too much Special Roast

    I am doing the recipe of Darth Vader Black IPA in the recipe section, and while i was milling my grains, I kind of milled an extra half pound of Special Roast and threw it all in a bag. So I've now got 3lbs of grain for a partial mash... And I don't know what to expect with it now. Shouldn't of...
  16. punkrawkgeek

    lemon grass cider....?

    I was going to put a batch of cider on this morning, and i had some extra lemon grass laying around from the other nights dinner. What do you think....? Lemon Grass cider? Would it work? How would i prepare it??? hrmmmmm.
  17. punkrawkgeek

    Just bottled my first cider

    Last night I couldn't sleep, so I decided to bottle my first cider. An apple pomegranate 9.5% cider. From the taste of the gravity reading, it will taste lovely once carbed up. Cannot wait! Thanks for everyone's help. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Home Brew mobile app
  18. punkrawkgeek

    Infected beer???

    Well, I was about to bottle this little kit beer my dad gave me. It was the Summer Wheat from Brooklyn Brew Shop. And well, this morning I noticed some floating foam type stuff that wasn't there when I last check up on her. Is it an infection? Should I bottle it? Been in there 3 weeks now. A...
  19. punkrawkgeek

    Virgin brewer - just bottled

    i just bottled my first home brew. made an ESB. kind of excited. tasted good. couldn't fit the last little bit in a bottle, so i had a little glass of it. man, now i have to wait for the bubbles. so excited! thanks everyone on here for their answers to any questions and all their answers on...
  20. punkrawkgeek

    A whole pack???

    i am making my first batch of cider today... and didn't know if i should use the whole pack of yeast or not... i am using the Lalvin EC-1118... in a gallon jug. pitch all of it? or not to pitch it all...? thank you! :D