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  1. DevilsCreekBrewing

    SS and cooler MT

    No copper was injured or killed during the filming of this MT.
  2. DevilsCreekBrewing

    Watneys Red Barrel Tap - Ontario will ship
  3. DevilsCreekBrewing

    Watneys Red Barrel Tap

    I received this from my Uncle a few years ago. I haven't connected it yet, because frankly I don't know how it works. It has a shaft to connect the line from the keg, but also has 2 barbed fittings. These connect behind the pull rod that is actuated by the tap handle. The 2 barbed fittings...
  4. DevilsCreekBrewing

    Managing brewing club inventory?

    The physical/ digital tracking of it I'm ok with. What I want to know from you all, is how do you manage the inventory when everyone has paid to acquire it, and doesn't/ can't brew with the club all the time. My group currently has about 600 Lbs of grains, and 15 Lbs of hops. I am thinking...
  5. DevilsCreekBrewing

    Dilution volume by style due to Chloride

    I received a water report that isn't very promising for us to be able to use undiluted water for brewing anything but stout or porter. The main issue is the Chloride level, which sits at 286ppm. The next highest number in the preloaded ProMash water database is 106ppm. The Bicarb level is...
  6. DevilsCreekBrewing

    Devils Creek Brewing Labels

    Here are 6 of about 18 labels I have made. They are all made with free clipart of 14th - 17th century wood etchings. I tossed them into a free image editor to pull them off the printer friendly setup they are in now, so sorry for any fuzzyness.