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  1. JohnTheBrewist

    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    Count me in!
  2. JohnTheBrewist Gift Certificate Contest

    Thanks Stainless Brewing and HBT for another great giveaway!:rockin:
  3. JohnTheBrewist

    trojan horse detected on chugger pump web site

    The virus is still there as of today, found by ESET antivirus.
  4. JohnTheBrewist

    California Honeymoon- Destination Advice Needed!

    I second this list! SF is great but not worth spending 10 days there. Go ahead and make your way along the coast, there's a lot to see. Starting in SF is really more like starting the center so you'll have to choose between heading North or South. I'd head South. Trust me, you can make this...
  5. JohnTheBrewist

    Toolbox's First Cooking Video

    I think you did a nice job, Toolbox. Your script was well thought out and presented. Your voice and personality are interesting enough to keep ones attention. If you're thinking of making more, I have a couple of suggestions. 1. Turn off the radio, it's distracting and you also get into...
  6. JohnTheBrewist

    Umm Yumm

    I've been using my KA grinder for 25 years now, and typically make 30+ lbs of sausage at a time. It's always worked fine for me...
  7. JohnTheBrewist

    Any cool containers to store grain in?

    I've been storing mine in buckets like the ones from U-line. But reading through this thread just gave me an idea. I have this 15 gallon plastic inductor tank (conical fermentor) that I no longer use as a fermentor (thanks to Brewhemoth). I could use it like a grain silo. Now I just need...
  8. JohnTheBrewist

    reverse osmosis water

    As stated, you can use it. At the simplest level just add some calcium chloride, but you can get more complicated than that. The water primer mentioned above is a good read.
  9. JohnTheBrewist

    Just some beginner questions

    For those of you using a wine fridge, I have a few questions. Are you also using a separate humidity and temp controller? Did you add anything to create more humidity, or does the wine fridge do it well enough? Did you do anything to block the light coming in through the glass? Thanks JTB
  10. JohnTheBrewist

    Beginner Grain Brewer

    ^^^Exactly. Airlock activity should never be used as a measure of fermentation.
  11. JohnTheBrewist

    How do you order your sausage casings?

    If I'm doing under 50lbs, then I usually get mine from the local mexican meat market. 8 oz will make about 20lbs, so I just ask for the amount I want by weight. You can watch them weigh it and you'll know what you've got. But, when I happen to be near the butcher supply house, I'll...
  12. JohnTheBrewist

    Anyone raise pigs for food?

    My cousins raised all their own meat; pigs, cows, chickens, squab, etc. For the larger animals, they had someone come out to butcher them. I've also seen mobile butchers at the county fair who butcher the auctioned animals. BTW, thats also supposed to be a good way to buy a whole hog, etc...
  13. JohnTheBrewist


    Any chance you'd be willing to share that Lamb Gyro Meatloaf recipe? Sounds like it'd be fun to try.
  14. JohnTheBrewist

    I don't use Facebook...

    Where's the category "I'm a man and facebook is for women"?
  15. JohnTheBrewist

    Grain + Hops + yeast= ?

    ^^This is what I do. However, to buy bulk grains, you're going to need a grain mill too. Also, do you have an LHBS nearby that sells bulk? If not, shipping can drastically increase the price of bulk grain.
  16. JohnTheBrewist

    First time

    Starsan won't hurt your beer at all. It sounds like the foaming in the airlock might have been caused by high krausen, since you underpitched the yeast, it might have taken off a little later than usual. Let it sit another week then take your gravity sample. BTW, I always fill my airlocks...
  17. JohnTheBrewist

    My first beer is in primary

    Hey JT, will your kegs be there on Monday too? If so, wait til Monday and rack it into your keg. If not, it really won't matter if you move it to secondary now or Monday.
  18. JohnTheBrewist

    My job has stolen my soul...

    +1 to this. As to looking for government work: I've worked in Government most of my life, and its certainly not like it used to be. Theres no such thing as job security anymore, and everytime I blink someone's trying to take away our benefits. But if you still want to work in government, you...
  19. JohnTheBrewist

    How Long would you commute

    I commute 1.5 hrs each way (in LA traffic), and have for 8 years now. It does make for a long day, but you get used to it. If you can telecommute a couple days, or flex schedule it really might not be so bad, especially when you can look forward to retirement in 8 years. You do also have to...
  20. JohnTheBrewist

    I still want to brew, but I am at capacity!

    I like to brew regularly too, so I make a lot of 1.25 gallon batches and bottle them. This gives you plenty of brews to give to frineds to try and enter in comps if you wish, and could keep you brewing almost as often as you wish. Once you start bottling again, you may find yourself brewing...