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  1. madbird1977

    1056 'Merica Ale Yeast and Bavarian wheat yeast combo?

    I'm brewing up an ale tomorrow with a nice malty grain bill with some Amarillo, cascade, and citra. I have both these yeast and thinking of making a Frankenstein yeast combo. Anyone tried this before? Should I just be sane and use the 1056? Thoughts?
  2. madbird1977

    Wisconsin 25 gallon stainless steel kettle w temp & valve

    :tank: Brand new and awesome. $250 pics available and will upload soon.
  3. madbird1977

    Wisconsin 25 stainless steel kettle w temp & valve

    Brand new and awesome. $250 pics available and will upload soon.
  4. madbird1977

    Wisconsin 25 Gallon Brew Kettle with Thermo/valve $250

    Just got this kettle and have decided its way to big for my brewing needs. Here is the descriptions please let me know if you are interested. Local pick upo only. Madison, WI area. Asking $250, you pick up.
  5. madbird1977

    All-Grain 5 gal Amber Ale Batch what hops to use?

    Found a recipe for a Caramel Amber Ale on here with at grain bill noted below and hops. I'm thinking of using different hops since I have not used Chinook. Looking for advice and suggestions to go with the grain bill/plan. Grain bill; 7 lbs 2 row pale 1.5 lbs Caramel 60L 1 lbs Candi...
  6. madbird1977

    I'm thinking of brewing a Ginseng Lager and would like suggestions.

    Okay, I'd like help coming up with a Ginseng Lager recipe. Suggestion for grains,hops and when/how much Ginseng to use. Go! :) Cheers!
  7. madbird1977

    last extract me with the recipe please...

    Okay I have this as a list of what I can brew with before going electric. I'd like to shoot for a nice ale. Not to strong, 5%abv or less and smooth but sweet to on the finish. APA, IPA, PA, open to any good drinkable style. Suggestions welcomed. Cheers. 6 lb Midwest Supply Pilsner Light...
  8. madbird1977

    electric brewery 15+ gallon

    Looking to move up and want to find a nice electric build 15+ gallons is desired. In the Madison area would like pics and a quote for the setup. Would like contoller and full setup if not let me know what you have as I just need to move up from extract ASAP. Cheers.
  9. madbird1977

    wtb - Electric brewery

    in the Madison area looking for electric brewery ready to go 15-30 gallon.
  10. madbird1977

    Wisconsin wtb - Electric brewery

  11. madbird1977

    Help! Need a hop sub for Cluster hops

    I'm brewing the NB Speckled Heffer Partial mash kit. I forgot to put the hops in the freeze and the kits been sitting for 6 months (we had a baby....nuff said). Anyways, just wonder what I can use on hand. I have northern brewer, cascade, chinook, williamette, citra, us golding, czech saaz...
  12. madbird1977

    have 5 aluminum 1/2 bbls looking for barter

    open to trades. in Madison ,wi. would like stainless steel kettles
  13. madbird1977

    Brewed up NB Shining Star Pale Ale and let it sit in Fridge at 36 for a month...

    and to top that its sitting on Dead yeast I think. Here is the recipe from Northern Brewer: I tasted it and it was not good, soar... so said the hell with it and tossed in some citra hops, two onces. Well...
  14. madbird1977

    First Lager - Norther Brewer Octoberfest kit yeast starter sllllloooowwww... help pls

    This is my first Lager and using the WYEAST 2633 OCTOBERFEST LAGER BLEND yeast. I used 1 cup of Light DME in about 1200ml of water in the flask to build the yeast starter. I've done 15+ yeast starters and followed the normal instructions. Okay, so the issue is that there is minimal...
  15. madbird1977

    homebrewed 1.5 years. now working pt at a great brewery. Yes!!

    I am terribly excited just bartending and giving tours. After my first batch it went click in my head, I must work at a brewery to really learn....and I will. Dream big...get that foot in the each other out . Have fun along the way. Capital brewery Middleton, WI if you were...
  16. madbird1977

    Wanted! Electric Brewery! Let me know if you have one for sale!

    Looking to jump from extract to electric. I've done enough of the extract to move forward I feel. Would like to see what I can get on here from other brewers. Looking for a complete system and at least 10 gallons. Also looking for fermenters etc. I'm in Wisconsin but driving 200+...
  17. madbird1977

    Wanted: Ball Lock Kegs Madison, Wisconsin

    Looking for corny ball lock kegs in the Madison Wisconsin area. Reasonable pricing. Must be pressure tested and hold. Cheers.
  18. madbird1977

    help with taste ? carbination?

    Kegged two nb recipe kits a patersbier and extra pale ale kit with oz extra of cascade dry hopped for two weeks. Both sat in primary for 5-6 weeks. So I kegged last Friday both and they hqve been on 9 psi at 40 degrees. Pale has a tart either dry hop or something else. Both have tang at...
  19. madbird1977

    better to use tap or grocery store water for full boil ?

    Doing 5 gallon extract batches. Have used both. Would distilled water be better?