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  1. punkrawkgeek

    Blonde Ale Tropical Blonde Ale

    Just made another all grain batch of this... First batch in two years! The sample tastes ever so good! Tastes a little more hoppy than I remember. But tastes damned good! We'll see how it is once it's fermented. Thank you again!
  2. punkrawkgeek

    Blonde Ale Tropical Blonde Ale

    Did another all grain of this... And truly, still one of the tastiest beers I've had. Everyone seems to enjoy it. I used all citra this time, so we'll see what it is like.
  3. punkrawkgeek

    All- Grain Chocolate Milk Oatmeal Stout critique

    I did another chocolate milk stout and got in to the bottles for Xmas. Cracked a bottle last night, and it was lovely. Thick and creamy. I will have to check the recipe out again. Maybe I missed something. Thank you @Kent88 :)
  4. punkrawkgeek

    All- Grain Chocolate Milk Oatmeal Stout critique

    I punched the recipe for the Oatmeal-Cream Double Stout, and I came in very short of the OG of 1.072... Did you make any adjustments???? Looks good, and I may go get the ingredients for tomorrow... I am hoping I will be able to get it in to bottles for Xmas. :D
  5. punkrawkgeek

    Favorite Holiday Recipe

    I am in the midst of fermenting a red currant porter. Never made it before... But as I airlock sniff it... Man, does it ever smell good. I cannot wait to drink it. Don't know if I am going to bottle or keg it. Depends on when it is done. :D
  6. punkrawkgeek

    Grain Bill Mistake

    Brew it up. Drink it. I am sure it will come out something like beer. ;)
  7. punkrawkgeek

    Inkbird Father Day Giveaway

    Totally in! :) Thanks!
  8. punkrawkgeek

    Specialty IPA: Black IPA Darth Vader - Black IPA

    PIcked up all the grains and hops. Cannot wait to make this one again. THanks! :D
  9. punkrawkgeek

    BrewTarget Database???

    Thanks everyone. I found it. I have my recipes back! Phew!! Was scared I wouldn't have them anymore. Now off to make my blueberry blonde ale. :)
  10. punkrawkgeek

    BrewTarget Database???

    I have switched over from Windows 7... Didn't wanna deal with it anymore. Anyways... I am looking for my BrewTarget database... And I can't find it anywhere. I was wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  11. punkrawkgeek

    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall)

    Have 3g of this, which has been in primary for about 2 weeks. Smells so good! Gonna rack it on top of 3lbs of blueberries tomorrow. If all turns out well, gonna make 10g of it for a July wedding. Wish me luck everyone! :D
  12. punkrawkgeek

    Blonde Ale Tropical Blonde Ale

    Gonna make an all grain attempt at this tomorrow, if the weather clears up. Wish me luck!!
  13. punkrawkgeek

    What are you drinking now?

    Bridge Brewing, North Vancouver, BC, Canada... Their Blueberry Berliner. 2.5 %. So good.
  14. punkrawkgeek

    What are you drinking now?

    Finally, my first weekend beer. Strange Fellows Brewing, from Vancouver, Canada... Dark IPA. Soooooo good!
  15. punkrawkgeek

    Help with a beer kit

    It's DME that I have. I will just throw it all in. The can doesn't say anything about IBUs at all. I thought it would. I even emailed the company, and I just got sent the instructions again, and they didn't answer one question I threw at them. Heh. Useful.... We'll see what it turns out like, I...
  16. punkrawkgeek

    Help with a beer kit

    I was given a beer kit from a friend. The Original Canadian Adventure Ale kit. I have been making beer and such for a little while, but i am clueless to these kits. I've heard they aren't all that good, and would like to make it a bit more tasty. It is a pre-hopped LME can, and yeast. Add malt...
  17. punkrawkgeek

    Too Late to Start Stout?

    I am just bottling up a batch of chocolate stout i made about a month ago... Smells good. I could drink this stuff all year round.
  18. punkrawkgeek

    IPA Pickles?!?

    Just put on a batch of pickles with Bridge Hopilano IPA (Vancouver, BC, CA). SMELLS good! Cannot wait to give them a try. Threw in some fresh dill, coriander seeds and some smashed garlic. Now I just wanna watch them and wait...
  19. punkrawkgeek

    Green Flash Soul Style IPA - Can it be cloned?

    I'd be up for that. I have one bottle left in the fridge... I hope.
  20. punkrawkgeek

    My cider tastes like riesling!

    I've got 6g of juice on right now... Used notty. Smelled great while fermenting... Was at about 70ish while fermenting, and is at about 50ish in the garage. Been in primary for about 3 or 4 months. I should check. I was going to take a taste tonight and maybe oak half of it.