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  1. Iowa Home Brewer

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Going to put down an Amber Ale., Then a Pilsner. Just finished a Blonde and it turned out fantastic.
  2. Iowa Home Brewer

    Love Golf?

    Ohhhh. I want to go back! Have yet to hit the links here. I have an itch......
  3. Iowa Home Brewer

    Love Golf?

    I can finally see grass through the melting snow here in Iowa. I have the itch !
  4. Iowa Home Brewer

    What happened to The Great HBT Stogie Thread

    I'm Jealous! My wife bought me a box of the Monte #4 for Christmas. But she bought the tubos. Every friggin one was plugged. Thank god for my cigar poker. I would have been really pissed. That's the problem with CC's. You cant return them. But cigarsofhabanos is good to me. Ravi is good peeps.
  5. Iowa Home Brewer

    What happened to The Great HBT Stogie Thread

    Partagas Serie D no. 4 Habana
  6. Iowa Home Brewer

    show your age with a picture of a toy from your childhood

    We had to invent our own fun. We would blow on these and race them. Damn I'm old.
  7. Iowa Home Brewer

    What happened to The Great HBT Stogie Thread

    Troya Clasico, Don Pepin 2006. Not to be confused with Frank Llaneza versions.
  8. Iowa Home Brewer

    Sudden Onset Obsession

    Welcome To the madness. It will make you proud, drunk, and broke all at the same time. Brew on!
  9. Iowa Home Brewer

    What happened to The Great HBT Stogie Thread

    Fuente Destino de Siglo
  10. Iowa Home Brewer

    How can I make a 5 gallon batch at home with no special equipment?

    You can do extract brews. Buy a cheap 5-gallon kettle. A cheap food-grade bucket, a cheap airlock. It's how I started and had no issues. Several shops sell extract kits.
  11. Iowa Home Brewer


    I did get the Anvil delivered today thanks to a suggestion here. I would suggest downloading the manual from Anvil. They've changed the design a bit. Particularly, the way you hang the malt tube. I'm not so sure I like it or not. They eliminated the malt tube support ring, which some complained...
  12. Iowa Home Brewer

    Music Match

    To late.. proceed
  13. Iowa Home Brewer

    Foam Issues - What Am I doing wrong?

    The gauge is a 3/2/3 gauge so precision you shouldn't concern yourself with. 3% +/- accuracy first third of the scale, 2 the middle, 3 the final 3rd. You are looking for repeatability not precision. If that keg is less than 5 gallon be careful on pressure. It may only be rated at 60psi unlike...
  14. Iowa Home Brewer

    Love Golf?

    Let's stay in touch and we'll make it happen. Who cares who wins or looses. It's the most rewarding yet most frustrating game You ,I,or anyone else will perfect. I play a lot at the Amana Golf Course. I'm a gluten for punishment. There, Hunters Ridge and Pleasent Valley. Nice thing about the...
  15. Iowa Home Brewer

    Love Golf?

    I jumped into the Taylormade GAPR hybrid 3, 4, and 5. Butter. Also grabbed the Callaway Rouge Sub Zero Driver. Quite the technology. Never played better golf in my life. Of course thats not saying much🤣🤣. Shooting low 80s sometimes high 70s. Iowa sucks. The season is to short. I'll have to...
  16. Iowa Home Brewer

    Love Golf?

    And you Golf! We have to hookup.
  17. Iowa Home Brewer

    What happened to The Great HBT Stogie Thread

    I have maybe one hundred if you are interested. Aged nicely. It'll cost you but you won't be disappointed. I'm also getting rid of my cabinet humidor. Can't afford the vice as much as I used to. Retiring at the end of April. Hey, I'm good with it. 59, debt free. Come on April!😆
  18. Iowa Home Brewer

    Iowa Roll Call

    I hear that concerning this crappy weather. Not real sure of his name, shame on me. He just takes my money🤣. On a good note. I did get my hands on a Anvil 10.5. Should be here next week. One happy camper. I'll use it during Winter. And my goto kettle in better weather. Stay safe! And keep in...