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    UK Trip

    I'm off to the UK on Sunday for 10 days. Does anyone have any specific recommendations for awesome pubs/craft brew in Bath (or even Bristol), London, and/or Edinburgh? Anything you guys know would be appreciated.
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    WLP004 Stalled at 1.021

    I've had my Irish Red fermenting for 11 days now. I followed all my usual process in terms of ingredients, mash and fermentation (see process below), the only exception being the yeast and I added some DME because it was laying around and I wanted to get rid of it. I usually use 007 for my Reds...
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    What to brew next?

    What should I brew next, an Altbier or an Irish Red? I have all the ingredients I need for either beer and a ton of time next week to brew one. I'm slightly leaning towards the Red because I've got quite a bit of Central European beers on deck: Hefeweizen (48 bottles) Czech Pils (20 bottles)...
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    Musings of a homebrewer

    As the title suggests, just me going on about my brew day. Nothing too exciting, but I did decide to experiment a bit with my methods to see if anything in my system was worth changing. Normally I brew in a bag, dunk-sparge, do a 70-minute boil and no-chill my wort overnight before pitching my...
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    Birthday Buys

    My birthday's coming up in the next few days, SWMBO and her father have decided to pitch in some money to upgrade my brewing equipment or buy some (small) new toys. The trouble is, I don't know what to get. I've been considering a mini-keg system for a bit now, but I'm not 100% sold on it...
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    First Stuck Fermentation

    As the title says, I just experienced my first stuck fermentation. It's an Irish Red, OG 1.046, predicted FG 1.010. I made a starter using WLP007. Fermentation took off within expected timeframe, but died down quickly. I didn't think much of it until today (one week after fermentation started)...
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    Craft Brewing Classes

    Read this while BBQing this evening: Craft brewing has become an official TAFE course in NSW, TAFE is a mix of vocational training and Community College. Thoughts?
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    Adding yeast to lager before bottling

    I have a Czech lager that's been lagering since the middle of April. I'm hoping to bottle it this weekend or early next week. Usually, I don't add yeast to my beers when priming, but since this has been sitting so long, I figure it's probably worth a shot. My question is which yeast to use. The...
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    Autolysis/Turpentine smell

    My plan for today was to brew a kölsch since I had Wyeast kölsch yeast saved in my fridge. The brew process went great, but it's about a year or so since the yeast has been in the fridge. When I opened the jar to make the starter, I got the overwhelming smell of chemical turpentine. I'm not too...
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    Free Berliner Weisse Yeast

    As the title says, I scored a free vial of WLP630 from the LHBS today because it expired a year ago. I use a lot of "expired" yeast and plan on reviving it with a starter before using it, so that's not an issue. My question is: should I treat this like a regular yeast and pitch a starter as...
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    Altbier yeast question

    I made a North German Altbier yesterday and a 1L starter with some WLP029 that I harvested from a Kölsch I made last June. The beer turned out fine, but the starter is as good as dead. The beer's a no-chill and still cooling down. I don't plan on pitching yeast for another 12 hours so...
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    Aged-care homebrewers

    In case anyone is looking for a great aged-care facility:
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    Awesome Brew Day

    I just want to say that this past Saturday I had an awesome brew day. I've been insanely busy the last few months working my 2 jobs and completing post-grad study. I've been under a tremendous amount of pressure and I feel like I haven't had a chance to think or enjoy life, let alone plan a...
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    Coming Home

    I'm visiting my parents in the Philadelphia-area next week and staying until mid-July. I missed Philly Beer Week (which I'm a bit bummed about) so I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for any other beer related festivities. I'm also hoping to get some cheap(er) brew supplies while I'm in the...
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    Using Smoked Malts with Plastic Fermenter

    I want to brew a Grodziskie (Grätzer) now that winter is coming down under. I have 3 or so kilos of smoked wheat but I also have 5 kilos of Rauchmaltz that I was accidentally given in a recent order. Anyway, before I brew with either malt, I'd like to know will fermenting a smoked beer in a...
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    Gravity Confusion

    I brewed a German Pils this afternoon. Before starting, I entered my recipe into Brewer's Friend to get all of my numbers (expected BG, OG, FG, strike water amount & temp, etc) and hit everything spot-on. Pre-Boil gravity was 1.036 for a conversion efficiency of 80%. At this point, it seemed all...
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    Happy Brewthday!

    Doing a birthday-brew tonight. The wife got me a grain mill (among other cooking things) and it works beautifully. My birthday's actually tomorrow, but I have to work, so tonight's the night! Polish-style pilsner is mashing away as I type.
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    Fermentation started before I added yeast

    Cross-posting from another forum: I brewed a wheat beer 2 days ago to mark my first full year of brewing and decided to wait overnight before pitching my yeast to let it cool to pitching temps. I washed and sanitized my fermenter, pitched the wort after boil (it was still about 40°C at...
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    Sponaneous Fermentation

    I just brewed a wheat beer to mark my first full year of brewing and decided to wait overnight before pitching my yeast to let it cool to pitching temps. I missed my OG by quite a bit, so I added some Wheat LME (boiled and cooled before adding) this morning and planned on pitching the yeast this...
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    6 month old White Labs Yeast

    I went to my LHBS to buy some sanitizer and ended up also buying an old vial of White Labs Budejovice Czech Lager yeast. Because its best before date was 15 December, the guy at the LBHS gave me the vial for $6 (liquid yeast normally runs about $15 in these parts), so I'm not really complaining...