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    Does any vendor's sell bulk dry yeast packs?

    Who sells bulk dry yeast? The only bulk yeast i found was a block of us05..Where can you get a box of safale us05 at a reasonable price?
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    Who wants 2 kegs worth of FREE beer? NY nassau area

    I have 2 kegs of beer that i cannot drink..they did not turn out well at all..I am not a fan of if anyone wants it PM me and bring 2 sanitized kegs with you and i will jump them to your keg..just a warning thou the beer is terrible failure on my win most you lose...
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    New York (NBU) SS 525 perlick faucet and shank

    I have a never been used SS perlick 525 faucet/shank for sale..Bought it about a year ago and its been sitting around..It has very slight surface scratches and the hex nut has some scratches..all in all its in great condition again never been used includes tap handle and extra neoprene gasket...
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    Try to get some beer in dat keg

    HAHA so i just kegged a DIPA and dry hopped in the keg..i usually put foil over the opening for sanitation purposes..That and having the hop bag in the keg made it harder to see the beer level in the keg..Needless to say i had a major over times. and on top of that my...
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    Inexpensive brew stand Been looking at different brew stands all pretty frickn expensive..Found this one on amazon its only 100+ bucks the burners seem alright ..anybody use this?
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    Ale vs Lager..the real deal holyfield no BS poll

    Forget the other POS thread..this is the real lager vs Ale poll ..i hope
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    AG brewers..whats the fasted you completed a brewday?

    How long does it take you on average to complete brewday? When i first started AG it took me close to 8 my average is 5-6 bout you?
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    Lets get a poll..Ale vs lager..what do you like better?

    Forget this POS..made a new real deal poll
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    PH strips from williams brewing Do these work or waste of money?
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    check this out
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    forgot about spend grains in bag hahaha

    so i brewed a DIS about last week.. once i was done mashing i put the grains in a big grain bag and into a old kettle to hold it and collect any drippings until i was finished with brewday and got around do my usual and clean everything..quess what? that bag was the only thing i forgot and i...
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    Varieties that do well in the northeast

    I would like to plant some columbus and nugget this spring..My question is would they do ok here in NY by the ocean? i tried growing northern brewers did not take well..what are some varieties that will thrive in this region?
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    Decoction starting temp

    What is a good starting temp for decoction mash? i hear 122 on this side 130's on the other side..where do you start? im doing the 1qt thick mash to 1 lb of grain ratio.
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    How many years till the hops start yielding decent ammount of cones?

    I have a centennial plant that is 2 years nothing maybe a 1/2 oz this year..will it start producing more every year or could it be crappy plant with no vigor?
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    SS auto sipon

    Alright i have a ss racking cane but im trying to figure out how to make a ss auto siphon..problem im running into is picking a gasket type piece that will go at the tip of the RC to make a seal in the AS to push the beer out..any ideas..cant believe they dont have SS auto sipons yet this is an...
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    is there enough Mg in grains thats there is no need to add to brewing water?

    Do you need to add mg when building water or does the malts provide enough?
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    funny sam adams commercial
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    backsweetened kriek

    How can kill the bugs so they dont consume cherry syrup if you wanted to make a lindemans type kriek that tastes like tart cherry soda?...i know its a sin for you sour power heads but i really like lindemans and would like to rack off about 1 gallon of the batch and give it a go
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    Your experience with yeast bay belgian dry ale yeast

    Just made this thread to get feedback from those who have used this yeast..So for those who have used it let me know what you think