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  1. Jim_Holmes

    master disconnect switch wiring

  2. Jim_Holmes

    ready to join the ranks

    got my Fuggles Rhizome in the mail today and weather is good so will probably plant it tommorrow. looks like its got several buds on it.
  3. Jim_Holmes

    yeast usage brewing today

    i am going to try to brew the asian rice beer in post 4 of this i got all set to go had everything ready for today and temp goes up. i went out to the shed and checked my ferm chamber and its staying...
  4. Jim_Holmes

    regulator parts

    anyone know where i can get a cheap rebuild kit for a micromatic regulator like this one...
  5. Jim_Holmes

    My $5 DIY drip tray

    this was a piece of guttering that i had laying around, it was free. i had to buy the end pieces, $4 for both. the top is a register cover, i had picked this one up at a rummage sale for $1. the drain is a piece of 1/2" copper tubing, i flared the end and cut it off. then used silicone caulk to...
  6. Jim_Holmes

    problem with keg

    ok first time using keg, my setup is a ball lock keg with 12' of bevflex 3/16" beverage line with a picnic tap. set at 12 psi and left for 2 weeks to carb a scotish ale 60 t0 2.39 volumes, in a 42*F refrigerator. i have read that a bad seal at the beer out post can cause foaming in the line...
  7. Jim_Holmes

    My first keg

    My first keg of beer. A scotish ale 60 just put her in. Fridge is 43* F gas set at 12# . We'll see how it goes.
  8. Jim_Holmes

    using patuerized cider for apple mead/cyser ?

    I want to try to do a 5 gallon Apple cinnamon mead/cyser ive got 15lbs of honey, 2 snack boxes of raisins (ive got more if needed), was thinking 2 cinnamon sticks in the primary, and i have lalvin 71B yeast. the only problem is i cant find unpastuerized cider or apple juice around my area. would...
  9. Jim_Holmes

    double first for me

    made my 5 gallon full boil batch in my new 40 qt concord pot. and my first from scratch recipe, left over grains and hops and a 3.3lb can of briess golden light LME a friend gave me. entered into beersmith and looked good. grains were 1.8lb flaked barley, .5oz chocolate malt, and 1.15lb wheat...
  10. Jim_Holmes

    another STC-1000 question

    i finished my fermentation chamber and hooked up my stc-1000. set it for 19C to check it out. i added lights to the system and the light comes on for cooling but the fan i have hooked in the outlet wont run. if i turn the power switch for the fan off the indicator light goes out, turn the switch...
  11. Jim_Holmes

    concord stock pot damaged

    i just recieved my concord 40qt stock pot from overstockcookware on ebay. was so excited then looked it over and noticed a crack on the inside seam and pinholes on the outside seam. not good in my opinion (as a welder myself).i sent off an email requesting an exchange with a new pot. i'll let...
  12. Jim_Holmes

    Hops in a Pot ?

    I live in Illinois and would like to start growing some hops i use liberty for cream ale and it seems pretty popular. looking on great lakes hops site they have plants on sale for 7.75. what im wondering is how deep do the roots need to go to survive a winter i have some 12" deep plant pots that...
  13. Jim_Holmes

    just a little reminder

    if you have a valve on your fermenter make sure its closed before you pour you wort in. caught it pretty quick so only lost about a cup. but coulda been really messy
  14. Jim_Holmes

    got my deal for the year

    got all this off craigslist for $25.00 theres 2 sanke D couplers, a guinness draught tap handle on a tap no name on tap, two 5lb tanks with guages one is a co2 tank which is full, other is a nitros tank which is almost empty. she had a refridgerator that someone had tried a conversion on listed...
  15. Jim_Holmes

    started my first batch today

    started my first beer today. a scottish ale 60 from ritebrew it was a partial mash with specialty grains and DME. my OG was 1.035 which gives me an abv of 4%, everything went great so as long as i didnt infect it somehow we should have beer ready to bottle in 2 weeks :ban: im so happy
  16. Jim_Holmes

    looking for homebrew stores in central Illinois

    I'm in Shelbyville Illinois its about 30 miles south of Decatur and around 30 miles north of Effingham. I've tried doing online searches and cant find a supply base closer than Champaign. What im wondering is if there is someplace closer than this or if it is better just to use online stores...