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  1. Fordzilla

    Help me decide what to brew

    I'm having some trouble deciding what to brew next. Lately, I only brew super hoppy IPA/DIPAs, big imperial stouts and flavored beers (coffee stout, pumpkin ale, spiced winter warmer). I'm trying to break my norm for my next 2 brews. I have a big 9% DIPA that used 20oz of hops I will be kegging...
  2. Fordzilla

    Coffee Stout Recipe Input

    I'm planning to brew this Sunday morning. I'm going for a somewhat sweet base beer balanced by a good level of slightly bitter coffee flavor. The FG is calculated at 1.021 based on 70% attenuation from the S-04, but I'm guessing it will be more like 1.016-1.018. I didn't split up the base malt...
  3. Fordzilla

    Russian Imperial Stout Water Chemistry

    Hello, This is my second venture with adjusting my water profile to obtain proper mash pH and flavor profile. I was hoping some of you guys with more info could look this over and let me know if I'm on the right track. I am planning to steep the Roasted Barley and Chocolate Malt in the...
  4. Fordzilla

    Brewing Water Help

    Hello, I have been brewing with bottled water up until this point. That's expensive, and I'm ready to stop. I also feel I am missing out by not dialing my beers in with some chemistry adjustments. However, I always get intimidated by the topic of water chemistry. From what I have read in...
  5. Fordzilla

    Did I oxidize my RIS?

    Sunday I brewed a RIS. It was supposed to have an OG of 1.107. I way undershot my OG and ended up at 1.082. Yesterday I boiled up 2 lbs of DME to add in to regain some of the gravity I missed. When adding the DME, I was thinking I needed to aerate the beer to re-activate my fermentation. I...
  6. Fordzilla

    Sunset Hydroponics and Homebrewing - Rochester, NY

    I thought this might be good for anyone in the area who's new to brewing and hasn't dealt with these guys yet. There are several locations around Rochester. I frequent the Henrietta location, but I have also visited the Victor location several times. Their prices are always competitive with...
  7. Fordzilla

    Cider already started fermentation

    I'm currently out of town. Yesterday I got 8 gallons of hard cider from a friend that have already started to ferment from wild yeast. I'd prefer to ferment it with US-05. Can I just pitch the US-05 or do I have to treat it with campden first? When I got them I immediately put them in the...
  8. Fordzilla

    First Mead - Nutrient Addition Mistake

    I've got my first mead fermenting. My plans were to add nutrients like this, from what I've read. 3/4 tsp nutrient @ pitching time 3/4 tsp nutrient 24 hours after fermentation starts 3/4 tsp nutrient 48 hours after fermentation starts 3/4 tsp @ 30% sugar depletion Well I haven't checked...
  9. Fordzilla

    "Custom Built Keezers" Craigslist Find

    I wasn't sure what forum was appropriate for this, but I just thought I'd share with you guys. There's no mention of price, but I would guess they're asking quite a bit. To me, the best part of my keezer is that I built it myself. I find this pretty funny, and don't think anyone's going to...
  10. Fordzilla

    Single Tier Brew Stand Build

    I'm sure I am the 10,000th person to start a thread about this, but I wanted to share my build with everyone. I had a basic design in my head, and my brothers, who do fabrication like this frequently, helped me nail down the design. My uncle did some of my welding and my brother did most of it...
  11. Fordzilla

    Hoppy Amber Ale Recipe Input

    I want to make nice hoppy, malty beer based on an American Amber. I have taken my grain bill mostly from Yooper's Recipe here. I have altered the hop schedule and added a bit to that. Any input would be appreciated. Sorry if it's a bit hard to read, brewtoad doesn't have the best output...
  12. Fordzilla

    Beers to buy in Philly?

    I will be in Philadelphia for a wedding this weekend. I won't be in town long, so I probably won't be able to hit up any bars. What I'm looking for is any great beers that are distributed to that area that I should bring back with me. Thanks!
  13. Fordzilla

    Keg Lube Question

    Next week my first beer that is slated for the keg will be ready. So two nights ago I disassembled, cleaned (for the second time, can't be too safe), installed my new O-rings and reassembled two of my kegs. I also ran some Oxyclean through the kegs and out a picnic tap. Currently I have both...
  14. Fordzilla

    Second Hand Ball Lock Quick Disconnects

    In my gathering of parts for my keezer, I have come into several secondhand ball lock QDs. The gas QDs don't look so bad once I disassemble them. However the liquid QDs have some sort of rust or corrosion on the springs and the clear plastic piece that pushes the poppet are brown. Has anyone...
  15. Fordzilla

    Perlick 525SS vs 545PC Faucets - I can not decide

    I am assembling my keezer currently. So far I have purchased the freezer and 5 cornies. (I still have to hunt down a sixth somewhere.) I know I want stainless shanks, and I did want stainless 525SS faucets. However, my cousin almost has me sold on the 545PC faucets. He says they save from...
  16. Fordzilla

    BIAB Efficiency - Is this possible?

    My friends and I brewed a 5.5 gallon batch of BierMunchers Centennial Blonde Ale yesterday. We took gravity readings with my hydrometer and theirs. They read 1.056 and 1.057. According to Brewer's Friend, this is an efficiency of 98%. Is that even possible? Here's a little info. I use a...
  17. Fordzilla

    IPA Recipe Input

    I just got 1 lb of Glacier hops from a friend in my brew club, so I slapped together a recipe to try them out. This is the first recipe I have put together. So if it's garbage, don't be shy! They are 2011 crop, so I think my IBUs will end up a bit lower than they're calculated to be. Maybe I...
  18. Fordzilla

    Extract IPA Reccomendations

    A friend of mine wants to get into brewing. He loves hoppy, grapefruity, citrusy IPAs. I am not a big IPA drinker, though I am getting into them more lately. I only just brewed my first IPA recently. Could someone reccomend me a good extract recipe (even a kit would be OK) for a nice...
  19. Fordzilla

    Great Deal on 15 gallon stainless kettle

    Saw this on Homebrew Finds and thought it was worth sharing. 15 gallon ss kettle for $146.55 shipped.