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  1. OleGoatBrewing

    Custom Grainfather Brew Stand

    Here is a video tour of my finished stand! Made some adjustments to the design based off my last brew, but I think I have all the kinks worked out now. Leak tested and ready to rock!
  2. OleGoatBrewing

    Grainfather Stands & Mods Image Repository

    Hi all! Admin’s - please delete if not allowed. Recently, I’ve noticed several people on different sites (myself included) asking about examples of Grainfather stands and mods. I know Facebook has about 3-4 GF groups with discussion then several of the forums have these kinds of...
  3. OleGoatBrewing

    Stuck Fermentation

    My kombucha fermentation seems stuck at 1.035. Scoby looks healthy and is actively growing, producing bubbles, but the sugar levels are staying the same. I started a continuous brew batch. After putting the mother scoby in I made a two gallon batch without any issues (a child scoby grew) and...
  4. OleGoatBrewing

    Yeast Turnaround Time

    Hi all! Quick question...did a few searches and couldn't find a lot (actually any) discussion on this topic. I have an ale fermenting with WLP0001. It's done fermenting and I'm going to keg that brew today, but plan to brew another ale tomorrow. Can I wash the same yeast and turn around...
  5. OleGoatBrewing

    Heat Stick Problems

    Hello all! I have a question. I built a heat stick following these instructions below. So it's a 1500W/120V element. When I plug it in - it works for 10-30 seconds (I can hear and see the element working) and then it pops my GFCI...
  6. OleGoatBrewing

    Super Bowl Food and Brew!

    What are you eating and drinking for this years game? List your best game food and brew parings! Brew Style and Food will work. Us? We're having Ice Cold Blood Orange Hefeweizen to go with our sharp cheese platters, spicy wings and even our Chocolate Peanut Butter Reeses Bars. YUM!
  7. OleGoatBrewing

    Spunding Valve Build Help

    Ok need some "simple" help with this.:drunk: Not sure why I can't figure it out, but I've gone through $19 of fittings from my local hardware shop and none of them are working. What fitting do I need here? Is it this one? Is this a specialty fitting...
  8. OleGoatBrewing

    Single Tier one Pump System

    Hello Brewers, I'm getting pretty comfortable in my brew process and I'm wanting to build a system to help standardize my setup. Right now its a mixture of tables, stands and heavy lifting - it's fun, but not that fun. I'm trying to build a single tier / one pump system and looking for any...