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  1. infectedbrew

    Question regarding Growlers

    I have friends, family, and followers who are wanting to purchase my beer, but of course as a home brewer I cannot "legally" sell my product. What are the laws, restrictions or whatever when it comes to selling custom growlers, and then filling them as a thank you for the purchase of the...
  2. infectedbrew

    Convert from Barbed Regulator to MFL

    This is the regulator I'm using. I've tried looking around but can't find any solutions short of adding a piece of tubing to the barb with another valve and a 1/4" end in order to connect each end of the gas line with an mfl connection. Any ideas or am I on the right track?
  3. infectedbrew


    I have someone local to me selling a used 15 and 20 # co2 tanks, empty a few years out of hydro, and $30 for both tanks. A little bit of surface rust on them, so they look decent. Thoughts?
  4. infectedbrew

    Yeast Washing Question

    I finally did my first yeast wash yesterday and I did the typical 4 jars, to 2 jars, but when I finished moving everything into the 2 jars, I decided to combine 2 of the original 4 into one just to see my results, and its pretty interesting what has come out. What do you guys think, do I look...
  5. infectedbrew

    Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer 2L

    I came across this on ebay: Its a polycarbonate 2000ml / 2L erlenmeyer flask. Sealed and sterile. Would you guys recommend getting this to boil in a pot to make my wort starter, then pouring in here with a bar and stir...