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  1. jmkratt

    Colorado FS: Brand new Hop Back (Free Shipping)

    Almost done unloading all my equipment. Selling this brand new hop back which was purchased this fall from morebeer: I never had a chance to use it. Here are pictures of the hop back:
  2. jmkratt

    Colorado FS: 1/2" Threaded NPT 316 3Pcs SS Ball Valve

    I found another 1/2" Threaded NPT 316 3Pcs Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valve, 1000 psi for water, oil, gas. Type 316 stainless steel: Selling this last valve for $15, free shipping. Cheers. John
  3. jmkratt

    Colorado FS: New Elbow Shank Assemblies

    While cleaning out my brewing closet I found these five brand new elbow shank assemblies I never used along with alternate flanges, also never used: Here is the link to the original assemblies as purchased from Beverage Factory...
  4. jmkratt

    Colorado 1/2 ss 2-piece ball valve

    My last valve, 1/2" 316 stainless steel: $10 with free shipping.
  5. jmkratt

    Colorado Selling my Brewstand, Keggles, Pump, Plate Chiller, etc.

    I posted this locally on Craigslist, thought I should probably throw it up here as well. I am selling my complete home brewing system. The system is ready for all grain brewing immediately and includes the following: Single Tier Mild...
  6. jmkratt

    Colorado FS: New Blichmann BrewMometer Weldless Thermometer

    Selling a 3" Blichmann Weldless BrewMometer. I bought it and never took opened the box, the first time was to take this pic: Selling for $25 with free shipping.
  7. jmkratt

    Colorado FS: 4 Perlick 525ss Faucets

    Selling four Perlick 525ss faucets: All faucets are in great working condition, just not brewing any more. Asking for $30/faucet with free shipping. If anyone wants the bowie bottler let me know. EDIT: Two are pending sale.
  8. jmkratt

    Colorado FS: SS Head Inline Chugger Pump

    Selling one of my Chugger Pumps with inline ss head: The pump is in working order. Selling as I am no longer brewing. $100 with free USPS Priority Shipping. If you have additional...
  9. jmkratt

    Colorado SS Stout Faucet

  10. jmkratt

    Colorado 1/2" NPT 316 3Pcs SS Ball Valves

    Somehow I have accumulated ONE extra new 1/2" Threaded NPT 316 3Pcs Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valves. 1000 psi for water, oil, gas. Type 316 stainless steel. Basically they look like this: I paid between $18-20 each locally. Will sell each for $15 with...
  11. jmkratt

    Utilizing hopback with plate chiller and pump

    So I am still learning AG brewing, I have about 10 batches done and am ready to incorporate my hopback for some IPA's. I have done a fair amount of research and have now successfully confused myself and I am hoping someone can set me straight. What I am doing now as soon as the boil is done...
  12. jmkratt

    Custom Brewstand Thoughts/Suggestions?

    I know there are TONS of threads on brewstands here, which has proven to be extremely helpful! I don't have the budget for a Brutus-type system and am partial to welded as opposed to the erector-type models out there. That being said, I am trying to keep options open and found a local guy who...
  13. jmkratt

    WTB: Steel Brew Stand (Denver Area)

    I have no welding abilities and don't know anyone who has any! As such I am looking for someone who can fabricate or sells brew stands in the Denver area. Please contact me if you can help! Thanks!
  14. jmkratt

    Adding Extract to reach desired gravity when PM or AG brewing

    I did a search but didn't see anything but I am not confident with the terms I used. Anyhow, I am brewing Partial Mash batches. At times My gravity readings for both boil and upon pitching are low. I have been using my refactometer for the readings. I know that I have read where some people...
  15. jmkratt

    Anyone brewed BYO Peanut Butter Chocolate Sweet Stout?

    Thinking of brewing this and was curious if anyone has and could offer some perspective? I would likely not add the licorice as I can't stand it, personally. http://***********/stories/recipeindex/article/recipes/114-stout/2404-peanutbutter-and-chocolate-sweet-stout Peanutbutter and...
  16. jmkratt

    Weizenbock Partial Mash Help!

    Trying to brew a Weizenbock but can't seem to find a good partial mash recipe. I looked at Jamil's Trick or Treat Bock and based the following loosely on it and am curious if anyone can please provide some feedback as I have never brewed this style and really don't know what I am doing...
  17. jmkratt

    Hoppy Pale Session PM Recipe

    I have been struggling with a recipe for a hoppy pale ale partial mash and have come up with the below and a, hoping someone can critique. I love my IPAs and Pales but I need something in the 4-5% abv range. Anyone care to comment? Pre-Boil Volume: 7gal Batch Volume: 5.5 gal Eff...
  18. jmkratt

    Whoops, Found an Oatmeal Stout in the closet

    Forgot I brewed a double batch and just found an Oatmeal Stout I brewed 2 months to the day ago in the closet. I forgot I took it out of the fermentation chamber for a Peach Wheat. I would normally have kegged it 4 weeks ago. Stupid. Anyhow as far as I can tell it tastes fine but is there...
  19. jmkratt

    Recipe Critique Partial Mash AIPA

    Trying to use a bunch of extra hops I have in the freezer to make room, figured I'd brew a Partial Mash IPA. Hoping for critique: Type: Partial Mash Batch Size: 6.00 gal Boil Size: 7.00 gal Boil Time: 60 min Ingredients Amount Item Type % or IBU 6.00 lb Light Dry Extract (8.0...