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    Indiana Counter Flow Chiller

    25ft Counter flow chiller. Never used. Has 1/2 Inch threaded fittings to easily connect to your system. 3/8 Copper coil with heavy duty high temp goodyear outer hose. Way better quality than the ones on ebay or amazon. $85 shipped in Cont. USA What is shown in the pictures is what will be...
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    Beetle problem

    I am a first year hop grower and have noticed a few beetle type insects chewing my hop leaves. Is there something all natural I can do to get rid of these guys? Also noticed the bottom leaves on a few of the plants are turning brown and dying. Thanks for any help.
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    RIMS and Mash

    Recently did my first RiMS brew using a RIMS tube. I had to watch the flow pretty close because the flow would slow down. I used about a pound of rice hulls in a brown ale. Which normally would be over kill. I am using a keggle with a jbird false bottom and a 1.5" RIMS tube from Bobby. So...
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    Blow off Yeast

    I recently finished a violent few days of a wheat beer blowing off into a 64 oz growler and the bucket it was in. The growler is now 3/4 full and it has about 2 " of trube / yeast maybe in the bottom. Since this is top fermenting, I would think this blow off collection would be rich in yeast...
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    Best way to insulate keggle

    Am looking for ideas on insulating my mash tun that is made from a 15 gal keg. I have some of the reflective bubble wrap used to build my shop. I have seen people use that. Is there a better way to hold the heat in? Thanks
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    WTB Guinness U coupler

    Looking for a *Guinness U coupler so I can tap guinness kegs in my kegerator.* If anyone has one for sell or trade let me know.* Kind of need it soon.* Thanks!
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    Bottling from a keg

    Does anyone have any comments on bottling from a keg and storing it at room temp? Will the beer go skunk like miller or Budweiser does? Usually it is not good to warm beer after it has been chilled. I use a bottle filler wander to fill from my Perlick faucet and it works great. I have a beer...
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    Simcoe Hops

    I just got a bunch of Simcoe hops and I am trying to find some good recipes that use them. I have several other verities that I can mix. Such as amarillo, goldings cascade, fuggles, willamette, hallertau. The thing is I am not an IPA fan. That seems to be the main recipe that these are used...
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    Shipping box for 15.5 keg

    Any one know of a cheap source for a box to ship a 15.5 sankey keg? Hardware store maybe? I have ever shipped one before. Thanks
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    4 Krome Faucets. $5 each. Good shape and clean. Barely Used I think I can get them into the $5 Flate rate shipping box.
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    10" Stainless False Bottom

    10" Stainless False Bottom and fitting. $30 Plus shipping.
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    Blichman Hop Stopper

    Blichman Hop Stopper. Never used. Not going to work for my new brew stand that I am building. $50 Shipped in the US.
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    American Pilsen vs Briess pilsen malt

    American Pilsen vs Briess pilsen malt. Does any one have any recommendations on these? The Briess seems to be sold out everywhere but American is available. Which is a better malt? My guess would be the Briess since it is sold out everywhere. Just don't want to buy a large quantity of the...
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    WTB: Panel / Enclosure

    Looking to buy a bare panel or enclosure to mount my PiDs and relays in for electric brewing.* If you know of any sources. Member or retail.* Thanks.*
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    1/2 Copper Union Question

    See the attached picture. The right union is 1/3 the price of the union on the left. The union on left is mostly copper / copper alloy. What is the right one made out of? Is is safe for boiling wort? Obviously I would like to use the cheaper right one if it is not going to leach lead or...
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    2 day carbing

    I have a Christmas party Friday night. I have a nut brown that I want to carb and take. It is still sitting in my secondary. What is the best way to carb it in 2 days. Is that even possible with out just having a bunch of foamy beer? Figured I would just bring a couple growlers and not mess...
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    First Yeast Starter

    So I made my first yeast starter this saturday using a packet of nottingham and a quart of Canned wort on the stir plate. I was hoping to brew monday but other things came up. and Sunday I put the flask in the fridge and the yeast dropped out and look great. Last night (wed) I poured off the...
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    Flaked Oats

    This is probably a dumb question but .... I have a recipe that I want to brew this weekend that calls for Flaked Oats. This is the first time since I have been putting my own ingredients together that I am adding the Oats. In the past it has been done for me when buying kits. My question, do...
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    Coffee Porter

    I am looking to add some coffee to my porter. I have read a few posts here about the right way to do it. Since all ways seem right, I am going to gamble. Espresso shots to the keg. Plus I am not a coffee drinker and can't make a good cup. Taste testing I realized I can't brew coffee worth a...
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    User profile Recipes

    Not sure where else to put this but, how do I add recipes under my profile so they show up under the recipe drop down. Thanks