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    Colorado Three tier 15 gallon brew stand and equipment for sale

    Selling my three tier 15 gallon brew stand and all equipment including kegerator and freezer. See my Craig's list add here. Colorado Brewers only will not ship.
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    Yeast Calculator

    I used to use a yeast calculator that was located at website I believe. Address no longer works. Do I have the wrong address or does anyone know what happened to this site?
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    Yeast Starter Question

    Need some help on my yeast starters. I currently use 2 1/2 cups of DME per 2500 ML water to make my starter. Will that amount of DME put me in the correct gravity range for a starter? I have been using this quantity for ever don't remember where I got this number for this quantity of water...
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    Good recipe for hops sitting in freezer

    Went through the freezer today and found some getting old hops that need to be used any suggestions or links to recipes for beers to brew that will use the below hops? Amarillo 6 oz of 8.5% whole hops 1st gold 15 oz of 8% pellett Magnum 2 oz 13.5 % :mug:
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    Protein rest questions

    I have some questions on the protein rest. I am under the impression from talking to several brew club members that any time your brewing with a lot of pilsner grain that a protein rest is required. First off is this actually the case? What exactly does a protein rest do? I am reading...
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    Perlick 525 SS faucet leaks

    I bought 4 perlick 525 SS faucets a while back. One of them developed a leak recently. To stop the leak you had to close the faucet real hard and even then it dripped. Night before last I came home to find 5 gallons of beer all over my garage floor as the faucet apparently started leaking while...
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    How do figure out what final Gravity should be

    OK I brewed an amber ale ( Fat Tire clone). It was fermenting for three weeks then stopped (no air lock activity). I stuck a recent pale ale brew in the same freezer adn raised the temp by just two degrees for the pale ale adn the amber started fermenting again (air lock activity started)...
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    Looking for clone for Great Basin Brewing Co's "Icky"

    Used to live in the Reno/Sparks NV area for many years. Drank my fare share of GBBC Icthyosaur. Wondering if any one has developed a clone for this brew?
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    Colorado Johnson Controls A19AAT-2C Freezer Temperature Controller

    For sale one used Johnson Controls freezer temp controller. See pics and video at links below. $35 includes shipping.
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    Classic Style Smoked Beer Wynkoop b3k clone

    Went to the brewery here in Denver and took the tour. Drank my first b3k and loved it. Hope you like it too. Gotta lager this for at least two months to get it to clean up. Smoke taste fades a little after aging and it's not so strong as when the beer is young. B3k Clone Schwarzbier...
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    Freezer issues

    I have a 22 cu ft freezer that I have been using as a fermentation chamber for a couple years. It's an old sears kenmore coldspot freezer. Recently it stopped getting cold. The compressor comes on fine but it just does not get cold now. It's a really old freezer but it has worked great to...
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    Temperature differential in mash tun

    I have a 15 gal mash tun from More beer. Tun is 13" tall and I have a blichmann brewmometer installed in the side about 6" up. I use the short temp probe less than an inch and a half long. I brewed Sunday and used a second temp probe stuck in the center of the mash. I calibrated both probes...
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    4 Chrome Beer faucets $8 each

    For sale 4 used chrome beer faucets that look exactly like the one on the link below. No handles included just the faucets. $8 each you pay shipping.
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    Single tap tower

    For sale used single tap tower with tap. Just like whats pictured in the below link. Some minor scratches PM me your e-mail address and I will send you pics of the actual tower. $30.00 and you pay shipping.
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    Parker area Home Brewers sound off

    Parker Area Home Brewers interested in maybe getting together to drink homebrew and talk brewing sound off. :mug:
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    Looking for Oktoberfest recipe thats has been tried

    Hi I'm looking for an Oktoberfest recipe that has been brewed by a member here and is proven to be a good tasing beer. I know there are hundreds of these recipes out there but I'd like to brew one that is tried & true. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Wynkoop Brewing B3K clone - need help!

    Went to Wynkoop Brewing company in Denver CO last weekend for lunch and a tour of the brewery. Tried their B3K Black Lager (Schwartzbier). While on the tour I asked the brewer if I could have the recipe and he said yes. Some history on the B3K beer. It won a gold medal in 2008 GABF under...
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    Dark Munich Dunkle Beers

    I want to try a commercial version of a dark Munich Dunkle beer. Any one have any suggestions of an example(s) of that style that would be widely available. I live in Colorado so something that i could get here. Thanks! :mug:
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    Water quality

    so I emailed my water company for a water profile and all they were able to procide is the below info. Any thing I need to chnage bsaed on the little info they provided below? pH 7.35 TDS 191 mg/L Sodium 48.8 mg/L Hardness 78.6 mg/L (check the website however for the latest 30 day...
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    Attention Denver Brewers - have stuff will trade

    Denver Brewers I have a standard single tap tower (chrome) with faucet that came off of my Kegerator as well as 3 standard cheap faucets I need out of my brewery. If any one can use these items I'd be willing to trade you them for home brew or good commercial brew your choice. Say 2 twelve...