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    Cashmere Hops - Anyone else getting loads of Passionfruit?

    Just took a taste of my latest IPA with Summit for bittering and Cashmere for everything else, including Dry Hopping. I am getting a snoutfull of passionfruit and a melange of tropical fruits in the taste. An amazing hop! Anyone else a fan?
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    Coconut Flakes

    I just added 4 oz of coconut flaked to a 2 gal keg of an imperial porter. I'm gonna try to post a photo of the bag, but it's my first attempt so..... Anyone have experience with this product?
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    Crazy Good Attenuation with WLP 565 but Cloudy as Hell

    I fermented my first Saison with 565 and got great results. Doubled up on my O2 and nutrients, started at 68F and ramped to 80F. Let it go for 14 days before I checked it. Started at 1.059 ended at 1.002. Hydro sample tasted spicy, peppery, really good! NOT infected! My wort stability samples...
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    My Hefeweizen has a Certain Twang to it

    Here are the vitals: Austin Homebrew Hefe Extract with grains Bottled spring water WLP 300 Hefe Yeast Fermented at 63 F for 10 days 10 days in bottles I suspect not enough yeast and weak yeast as it was 4 months old in fridge and I pitched the vial, no starter. Ferm was not spectacular...
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    First brew a success, now on to Hefeweizen

    My first brew, a pale ale from AHS was spot on from start to finish. Call it beginners luck or anal retentive attention to detail and countless hours on this awesome site but I now feel the need to pay tribute to Bavaria and brew a Hefeweizen. I just received the AHS Bavarian Hefe kit and would...