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    Thoughts on a 3 Gallon Batch System

    Sounds fine, but I'd try to find someone to give the extra beer to if it was me. I like to bottle a few from the keg to give away.
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    Will infrared light hurt fermentation?

    70 is too warm for ambient, I shoot for 60-65 depending on the yeast. You could also probably get some great results with a neutral lager strain at those temperatures without the need to waste energy.
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    5.2 pH Stabilzer

    Here's a better technical discussion:
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    5.2 pH Stabilzer

    In the water show on Basic Brewing with Kai Troister (spelling?), he mentioned that 5.2 will basically prevent the PH from getting above 5.7 (I believe) - it doesn't lock it in at 5.2
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    Heatstick safety question - JB weld seepage

    Hello all, I followed the directions on this site: Heatstick - home to build my heatstick, with the exception that I chose a drain pipe with a 90 degree bend at the bottom. Because of this difference, I used more JB-Weld than is called for (around 4 oz instead of 2). I also upped the...
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    pitching starter @ high krausen

    If at high krausen I'd toss the whole flask, since there are a lot of active yeast cells in suspension. If you want to decant, you should chill it in the fridge for several hours first.
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    Year old sour beer on cake/trub, making second batch

    Your yeast viability will be low, though it depends on the temperature. 70 degrees for a year, it's probably dead. 50 degrees, there's probably enough. I'm not sure I would age on a yeast cake that long; it's fine for a few months, but I did that with a mead, and as the yeast started to turn...
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    Yeast Starter done wrong

    If you read the package, you're not supposed to let it sit that long. I bet that your beer is fine, but you did underpitch so you might get more estery/phenolic flavors than you were looking for.
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    Need Help: Flavor Finishes Too Quickly

    I disagree - you should be able to brew satisfying beer with extract. At this point moving to all grain before he fixes the issue might just make it harder. I think I moved to all grain too early - it took me a long time to get all of the variables under control.
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    Stiring The Mash?

    I'm willing to bet that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two levels of attenuation - forget what the numbers say, how does it taste? Keep your process consistent, and make changes based on the sensory outcome. The actual numbers don't matter nearly as much as getting a...
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    Need Help: Flavor Finishes Too Quickly

    Try drinking sips of water in between drinks of beer, otherwise make stronger beers (Sierra Nevada PA has a strong hop bitterness and high carbonation)
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    What temperature did you take your gravity reading at? Did the wort look drastically lighter or hazier than your extract brewing?
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    Is this keg salvageable?

    SS passivates basically instantaneously.
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    This Forum Rocks!

    Thank you. If I had a nickel for every "my airlock stopped bubbling, is it dead?" post...
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    question on barley crusher settings

    Maybe and yes. The grain can be crushed as finely as you like, so long as it's not shredding hulls. This may result in a stuck mash, but will increase efficiency. If you run the drill too fast, it can create a differential speed between the two rollers, and can shred the husks. This can lead...
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    Sparging with Coffee

    It seems like it might screw with your mash/sparge ph. Palmer says that a dramatic change between mash and sparge ph can extract tannins.
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    I'm frusrated. I'm just going to go for it.

    I agree with rdharris, grab an ale yeast.
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    left hand milk stout?

    You may have just gotten a bad batch. I know they were planning on adding a bunch of new fermenters, but I'm not sure if it's happened yet. I hope they up production, we can't get it in Iowa anymore :(