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    Gap on Grinder?

    Hey everyone! Wondering what gap most of you are running on your various crushers? I got my Jack Schmidling malt mill and want to be able to set the gap with a feeler guage to a pretty effecient gap. Thanks!
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    Schmidling Malt Mill

    Hey Everyone, I am looking at getting the Schmidling Malt Mill with the gear drive option and the case hardened rollers to use in my brewshop when I get it open. With the mill, to get the gear drive option you can only get it with the model A which is only adjustable on one end. Can anyone...
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    Top hops

    Hey everyone, If you had to list your top 10-15 most commonly used hops what would they be? I am putting together an inventory list to open a homebrew shop and would like to try having 10-15 hops for the first round of inventory and then add more after that. Thanks guys and gals I appreciate it...
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    top 10 or (5) most used yeast

    Ok so if you were going to stock a homebrew shop and you were only going to carry 10 strains for your initial month, what would they be? Can you narrow it to 10 or do you need 15?
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    Which Mill for everyday use?

    Hey everyone, I am looking at putting together a small LHBS and am looking on information on mills. What mill would you guys suggest if you were in the market for a daily large volume use mill and why? Thanks ahead of time.
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    When to plant around Kansas City

    Hey everyone, I am taking the plunge this year and ordered 3 rhizomes from northwesthops. I got a centennial, a cascade and a perle. When do you recommend planting? I was thinking about right around the first of april as most of the frosts should be done by then. Too early or late? Thank you!
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    Citrus from yeast??

    So I am working on a clone of a basic american wheat. The origional has a slightly spicy and orangy/lemony citrus bite at the end. The brewery claims they use no flavor or aroma hops and adds no fruit so I am trying to figure if it comes from the yeast. Is there a yeast that will lend these...
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    Surface rust on Corny Lids

    Hey everyone I just scored a couple of used corny lids which have a this coating of rust pretty well covering the whole lid. What is the easiest (read laziest) way to get rid of it? Can I just soak it in something? About all I have is oxyclean and StarSan.
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    Weldless: Oring or Silicone washer

    Hey there, I am getting ready to make a keggle and want to put together the parts for a weldless ball valve install. I see that most all of the people selling the kits are using silicone o rings. Is there any reason not to use a silicone washer instead? Sure seems like it would seal better with...
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    Stainless Ball Valves

    Hey everyone, I just scored a couple of stainless steel ball valves off ebay. The body is stainless but the stem that the handle attaches to looks to be brass as it is yellow goldish color which makes me believe that the ball is probably also brass but it is shiny silver. Is it pretty common...
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    Understanding IBU

    Hello all, I made a wheat yesterday based loosely on Boulevard unfiltered wheat. Having talked to the brewmaster he says they use different hops every year and it doesnt really matter what you use as the hops are only bittering hops, no aroma or flavor. He said the important thing was to target...
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    Dip tube in Keggle?

    Hello, I am getting ready to venture into building my weldless keggle and am looking for all I need. I am only going to be boiling in the keggle as I have a converted cooler to mash in. I just read somewhere that I need a dip tube in order to get all of the wort out of the bottom of the keggle...
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    5 star ph stabilizer

    I made my first AG batch yesterday and everything seems to have gone pretty smoothly. I was reflecting last night over a pint and realized I did make one error for sure. I misread the directions and used 1 tbsp per gallon instead of 1 tbsp per five gallons. Anyone familiar with this product and...
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    First ever all grain-stovetop- in the books

    So I made my first ag today with Deathbrewers stovetop method. I think it went well. Here is my recipe. I will explain my brewday and tell me how I may have hit my numbers a little off if you can tell. 3.5 gallon batch Briess 2-Row Brewer's Malt 4 lbs, 0.16 oz Weyermann Pale Wheat 2 lbs...
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    Asking a lot- Help with first AG brew

    Ok.....So I have read deathbrewers tutorial on doing a stovetop all grain brew. I wanna try it out, but have a lot of questions. I have done a lot of searching here but am still a little fuzzy. Here is the recipe I have. All Grain Recipe - Gumball Head Wheat ::: 1.052/1.012 (6 Gal) Grain...
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    Had to happen, but........

    Well it had to happen eventually I guess but dang on my favorite beer??? I brewed my favorite extract Two Hearted Ale clone tonight and everything went dandy. All 4 oz of the centennial hops and and cooled after boil. Halfway racked into the carboy when I got that terrible oh &*%^ feeling...
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    flameout vs dry hop

    I brewed yesterday an ale that I have not done yet. It is 5.5 lbs of pale dme, 2 lbs Munich, 1/2 oz northern Brewer at 75 min, 1/2 oz northern Brewer at 30 min, 1 oz cascade at 15 and supposed to be 1 oz cascade at flameout. I did forget the flameout cascade and had already chilled wort to under...
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    What happens if you pitched a starter too soon?

    I made my first starter last night 05/14 at about 6pm with 2 cups dme and 8 cups of water. Today I have a krausen and nice bubbles. I shake it every time I get a chance. I dont think I left enough time for this to ferment out and be ready to use by tomorrow afternoon 05/16 did I? I guess my...
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    Efficiency of Extract?

    I am trying to figure out the OG of a recipe I have on Brewmasters Warehouse brewbuilder. Is efficiency of extract taken into account like it is with all grain? This particular recipe calls for 7lbs of LME and the default efficiency is 75% on the software with an OG of 1.063. If you adjust the...
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    keggle or brewpot

    OK so I did my first full 5 gallon boil and it made me want to do full boils a lot more. If you had the option of either one, would you go for a 10 gallon brewpot or win a keggle? I do all extract now but can see trying all grain in the near future. Just trying to see any advantages or...