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    ISO: Tired Hands double milkshake

    Looking for some tired hands double milkshake. I have FT: Sip of sunshine Treehouse sap
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    Connecticut RIMS Homebrewing setup For Sale

    Hey Guys and Gals. I ave decided to sell my homebrewing setup as I just have had the time as of late and don't see that changing anytime soon. I'm not sure what this stuff really goes for any more so bare with me. I'd like to sell the whole thing as a lot obviously but I know I may need to...
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    ISO: Pliny the Elder

    So i have been trying to get my hands on this beer for almost 10 years now and have sturck out left and right. This includes being in california for a wedding and not finding any. I'd be happy to trade some east coast beers for some if anyone is interested. Im in CT so name some beers and...
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    Northern Brewer 12" False Bottom New

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    Immersion Wort Chiller $50 Shipped

    I have an Immersion wort chiller for sale. Its 50 feet and 3/8" copper tubing. I'm looking for $50 Shipped. Will post pics later when I get home. is now finished with tubing and hose connection.
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    My Brew Stand Build

    Well I finally got around to starting a proper brew stand. I decided on some angle steel for my stand. Did a bunch of work this weekend and got the basic frame built and will be working on it more as time and money allows. Heres what I have so far. old brew stand: New stand progress...
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    PID Controller for RIMS

    was wondering if this is a good controller suitable for a rims setup? trying to stay low on price.
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    Sanke Keg couplers

    SOLDDDD!!!!! I have 4 sanke keg couplers brand new never used from micromatic. Looking to get $30 shipped for these or I'm willing to trade for some all grain equipment. let me know what you have. they are this exact coupler...
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    raspberry lambic recipe

    Hey there, Well over the weekend I went to the vermont pub and brewery where I encountered a beer they called there forbidden fruit. IT was raspberry flavor with a sour taste to it. I tryed to get a growler but they wouldnt sell one becuase of its higher alcohol content which i thought was...
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    Magic Hat Kerouac Recipe

    This may be a long shot but I had this beer at the brewery and at the extreme beer fest that I went to and since then I believe they have stopped making it. Wondering if anyone has a recipe for it. Id really love to make it if possible. Magic Hat Kerouac I believe its made with beets...
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    Question about my transfer to secondary

    well today i transfered my 3rd batch of beer over to my secondary fermenter and i had a bunch left over because i have a 6 gallon primary and 5 gallon secondary. Now I hate to see that extra beer go to waste so what i did was leave the extra in the primary and rigged up a airlock on that will...
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    Steeping grains question

    when i steep the grains should i put them in a grain bag or directly in the water and then strain?
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    well after an unsuccessful first attempt at extract brewing my second batch came out great. what a good feeling. I made a beer that is close to a clone of magic hat #9 but a bit more fruity. Also just brewed up my third batch which is a clone of westmalle trappist dubbel. I believe from the...
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    When to bottle?

    Ok so i have had a batch sitting in the secondary for the about 3 weeks now and it has stopped bubbling completely and i measured the gravity and it is at 1.020 and its supposed to be at like 1.013. Is it going to change at all if i leave it any longer. Doesnt seem to be doing anything in...
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    Slow Yeast?

    Hey guys, So i have brewed a few batches and havent had any problems and just last night i help a buddy of mine brew up a batch for himself. Id say we pitched the yeast at about 1 am last night and it has been almost 24 hrs and it has not started to bubble yet. Mine have never taken this...
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    wort chiller?

    Hey guys, Im new here just getting into the hobby. I heard wort chillers can really cut down on the time it takes to cool down my wort. Wondering if i can just make one myself out of copper tube that i can get at home depot. thats what it looks like most people are using. My first brew took...