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  1. RAZ

    refractometer readings

    Brewed a Scottish Ale today. Everything goes great according to recipe. All numbers add up during mash, sparge, boil, etc. OG is to reach 1.077, refractometer reads just where we are suppose to be. Start cool down and rack into primary, checked OG again and refractometer is now reading 1.074...
  2. RAZ

    lager to ale

    Has anybody used an ale yeast in a lager recipe? Reason I ask is a friend of mine loves Haufbrau and wants me to brew a batch, but I don't have the means to do a lager. Any suggestions? Thanks RAZ
  3. RAZ

    Tell me if I was right or wrong in saying this?

    Hello Gents, here's my situation. My buddy and I made our first batch Wednesday night. Everything went well and got it in the Primary. OG was 1.055. Fermentation was slow to start and my buddy was worried. I told him to give it another day and we'll see. Of course it took off without a hitch...