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  1. A1sportsdad

    Yeast Nutrients

    Okay, so I have never used yeast nutrients before. I’m an all grain (BIAB) brewer. I usually make a yeast starter from a liquid yeast. I always thought the yeast got the minerals it needed from the grist, but now I’m not really sure. I’m looking for some feedback from all of you who know more...
  2. A1sportsdad

    Water Profile

    So I am going to brew a Bells Oberon clone. If you don't know Bells Oberon, it's a very highly rated American wheat beer. Bells is kind enough to share their recipe, so I know the ingredients they use. They even share the Kalamazoo city water profile, but it looks way off for brewing as is...
  3. A1sportsdad

    Blow-off Tube vs Air Lock

    Okay, so I ran into something I had not considered. I switched over from using an air lock to using a blow-off tube. I did it originally because I had an overactive fermentation that blew off the lid and had krausan all over when I woke in the morning. Ever since then I have only used a...
  4. A1sportsdad

    Using Flaked Barley in an Extract Brew

    So far I have only done extract brews. Quite a few, all 5 gallon, and they have all turned out well, but my stouts, porters and brown ales all lack any kind of head retention. I know that flaked barley should improve that and give it a bit more body as well. I assume if I am gonna try to do...
  5. A1sportsdad

    Blew the Lid Off

    This is the first time I ever got so much krausan so rapidly it came up through the airlock and popped the lid. I'm making a Hefeweizen, which I have done before, but this time I used a liquid yeast and made a yeast starter. I was after the flavor characteristics from the liquid yeast that you...
  6. A1sportsdad

    Grain Mill Recomendation

    Need to purchase a grain mill. I would appreciate any recommendations for a good, reliable, easily adjustable mill.
  7. A1sportsdad

    Coffee Cream Ale

    Made a coffee cream ale. Took 3 weeks in the primary then transferred to the secondary where the coffee was added. Coffee was supplied as part of the kit. Recipe said to add between 2 to 4 oz depending on how strong you want it. I chose to use 3 oz. Tried to grind it course. Left it 2 weeks on...
  8. A1sportsdad

    Boil with Lid on or off

    I’m guessing I should be doing my boil with the lid off based on the estimate of the amount of boil off. Is this correct? Is this the only reason? Thanks
  9. A1sportsdad

    Kettle Size

    Getting my ducks in a row to try my first BIAB batch. I've done all extract brews for the past 2 years. My kettle is a bit over 8 gallons. I'm afraid that with the extra space required for all the grain, this may not be large enough to do a 5 gallon batch. Can I get some feedback on what...
  10. A1sportsdad

    Temperature Measurement with BIAB

    I have been doing extract brews for the past 2 years. They have all turned out great, but I really want to start into all grain so I am setting up to do BIAB. Since I now have to make my wort, I’m wondering how precise I have to be with temperature measurement. For the extract brews I was able...
  11. A1sportsdad

    Catalyst Fermentation System

    Just wondering about your thoughts on this system. How about the possible issues of oxidation with all that headspace. Not sure whether to go this route or not. I’m new to all this and looking between the Big Mouth Bubbler or the Catalyst Fermentation System. I like the idea of being able to...