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    Some carbonated and some didn't?

    Thats a possibility Pivot. My girl friend capped so it would be nice to pass the blame along. haha I have shook a few and they all bubble in the bottle. If they werent air tight would they bubble like that w/o beer coming out? But yeah i primed the the bottling bucket. I belive i added the...
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    Some carbonated and some didn't?

    My first batch has been in the bottle for a little over 3 weeks now. The first one i opened tasted very good and i was impressed:ban: So i went for another beer and it wasnt carbonated:( After popping a couple more it seems there are more that havent carbonated. Should i just try and warm them...
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    Couple questions for my first brew

    I got a LME "Golden Ale" kit for Christmas and this will be my first time brewing. It's this kit: The kit came with 7lbs of pale liquid malt, cascade hops for 60 mins and cascade for the last 5 minutes...
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    Direct me to a good newbie kit for husband?

    I was planning on getting this kit which i belive ships for free: Also here is a turkey fryer setup that will keep your husband from messing up your kitchen...
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    Removing commercial brewery labels(my suggestion and yours)

    Thats good to know. I was planning on using those bottles.
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    Direct me to a good newbie kit for husband?

    Im getting a starter kit for Christmas and i'll probably get this kit: I think the shipping is free from here. I also want to get a turkey fryer so i can do it outside. You might consider this if you want...