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    Georgia Barley And Vine Closing

    So now that Just Brew It is gone, that leaves us with???
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    what is this thing? 5 gal SS oddity

    looks like pin lock, and im pretty confident it could hold the 30psi with new seals. Any reason not to get it for 30 bucks?
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    Georgia CO2 Tank - Regulator - Ball Lock Kegs - Kegging Equip + More

    I'll have pics this evening, but for now I'd like to list what I have. 20lb Aluminum CO2 Tank w/ dual gauge regulator - 125.00 Almost full. regulator high pressure gauge needs replaced (9.99 on northernbrewer) 2 ball lock kegs - 80.00 3 way gas valve - 25.00 Pin lock connectors - 2 Gas...
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    Failed Vanilla Porter you say? Never give up!

    I have 3-1/2 ish gallons in bottles of a failed vanilla porter. By failed I mean, 5 vanilla beans too many. Its like sucking on a vanilla bean. I'm building a kegerator this week, and I'll have a spare keg. My crazy thought would be to empty the bottles in a keg, and mix with a couple...
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    Control box dead after move

    A couple of years ago I purchased a control unit off of a friend who was upgrading. It's a simple unit, Auber control, SSR, toggle switch to go from the HLT to the boil. It's worked well for me in the past. A couple of months ago everything was disassembled and moved to the new house. I...
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    Georgia 10 5gal corny kegs $35 each

    I recently acquired a ridiculous amount of ball lock corny kegs. I'm looking to get rid of 10 of them. Any interest here? I'm located in the south side of atlanta. I would consider meeting in the atlanta area during weekends. I'd rather not ship.
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    Georgia Midwest Supplies Economy CO2 Regulator -45 Shiipped

    Midwest supplies economy regulator, 45 shipped. Goes for 60 with shipping on midwest. Its new in the box, never used.
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    Regulating the heating element for the boil kettle

    On the boil kettle, I have a 4500w heating element. I don't have a temperature controller on it, its just a on off setting. For 10 gallons, it works fantastic. For 5 gallons, it's too powerful. I don't want to put a temperature controller on it, because I don't want it cutting on and off...
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    Broken March or Chugger Pump

    If anyone has a broken march or chugger pump, I'm trying to find one for parts. Thanks Tim
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    March or Chugger head

    I broke the head on my teel, so I'm trying to find a SS or plastic march or chugger head that I can adapt to it. I don't need to propeller or any of the other hardware, but if you have the whole kit that would work too.
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    Teel pump connection not working out. ideas?

    I haven't posted very much, I prefer to do more reading and dreaming of projects in the DIY section. Here's my setup. Its pretty simple, but does the job. I have very little money invested into it, which is the best part. It was a combination of trading equipment for a welded stand I...
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    I brewed a 5 gallon all grain oktoberfest on sunday. It was my first experience using white labs, since the brew store never carried it before. A friend suggesting doing a activator, so on saturday thats what I did. After everything cooled and I added the yeast, I saw zero action. No bubbles, no...
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    3 5 gallon SS Corny Kegs ($100) Keggle ($120) (South ATL

    Kegs sold. Keggle trying to be sold! Includes SS 15 gal keggle, propane burner and full propane tank. $80.00