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    Attempting a small batch of ancient beer.

    i have a recipe for an ancient Sumerian beer in a homebrew book i have from charlie papazian. It involves malting your own spelt grains and making small mash patties called bappirs. has anyone tried anything like this before?
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    Belgian wit question...

    I Brewed a Belgian Wit last wednsday. I was planning on racking it into a secondary fermentor withing one week, yet the fermentation still seems pretty active. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? The original gravity was about 15-20 points higher than the recipe called for. It was my first all...
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    First attempt at creating a

    This is my first attempt at creating my own recipe. I mostly just plugged away at beersmith. Im attempting my first all grain brew in a month or so and i wanted to make a stout. So heres what i came up with please let me know whta you think or if i should tweak anything... 10lbs Pale...
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    temperature control

    does anyone have any advise on a more precise way to control the tempretures of my brews once there in the fermentor? ive been fine tuning my process and i plan to go to start brewing all grain batches within the next month or so. But id hate to see all that extra work go to waste due to...
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    Curious on recipe formulation.

    Up until now ive only followed recipes. I have done a number of extract brews and partial mashes. Im looking to get started with all grain at this point. While looking at the recipes i was curious as to how they come up with the grain bills. I have a decent understanding on pitching rates and...
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    First time with liquid yeast, should i use a starter?

    Whats the purpose of using a starter and can i use it with a "smack pack"? Also what is th epitching rate and how can i figure out my yeast's pitching rate?
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    Copper pipe as yeast nutrient..

    Is it true that adding a copper pipe to the boil will actually make my yeast healthier? And do i remove the pipe after the boil or do i leave it in during fermentation as well?
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    Whole hops?

    i've used hop pellets for alot of my first brews, none of them were extremly hoppy styles except for an IPA which didnt come out very hoppy at all. For my last brew(a british pale ale) i tried using hop leafs, i was just wondering am i wrong for thinking that the best way to impart the hoppy...
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    extract brews leading up to mashing

    Im fairly new to brewing. i have brewed several kits over the past three months and believe im ready to start selecting my own ingredients for my extract brews at this point. I have outlined all of my brews that i believe will lead me to the point were ill be prepared and ready to mash. Please...