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    Mypin TD4 mounting tabs

    I bought them used and got a total of one mounting tab. It was listed that way and the price was right so no big deal. Do you know where to get more or have an alternate solution?
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    Mypin TD4 mounting tabs

    I bought 3x of these pids used and they didn't come with mounting tabs. Does anyone know where to get them or another solution?
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    Bargain fittings false bottom for hop blocker

    I was thinking that might be the case. Probably going with a side pickup.
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    Bargain fittings false bottom for hop blocker

    Has anyone used thier sanke keg false bottom in a BK with a center pickup for a false bottom?
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    Sight glass for Coors keg

    Anybody have a sight glass for the bulged out coors kegs? I was thinking that a standard one with a longer coupler between the bulkhead and elbow would work. I only have coors kegs and it took me long enough to get those. Mike
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    Cleaning ball lock connectors

    I know someone did a thread on disasembling and cleaning ball lock connectors but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have a link? Mike
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    Where to put temp control probe?

    I have a Ranco temp controller and I've just been taping it to the side of the fermentation vessel so that it tries to keep the beer at exactly the temp I'm looking for. My concern is that it might make the freezer get too cold and stall out the fermentation. For example, I just pitched...
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    Anyone use hot tap water for brewing?

    I use hot water in all my brews and haven't had a problem yet. However I do maintain my water heater regularly and with its size and the flow of my shower heads it gets completely cycled frequently. If you're worried about minerals and metals in your water, never look at the old pipes if they...
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    Sanitize hop bag

    I just leave it in the keg. I attach it to the dip tube, but sitting here thinking about it I'm not sure why as it isn't going anywhere. The only "off flavors" I've ever gotten is in the first few pints and I find that there is usually yeast and some sediment in there anyway. The last IPA I...
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    Sanitize hop bag

    I use a stainless hop ball but I dry hop in the keg. Mike
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    To Dump or not to Dump

    It should be fine and even better it's an IPA with a lot of alcohol and hops. Are you using corny kegs? If so the posts come off with a 7/8s wrench for most of them. I have one that is smaller. Mike
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    How long can you leave beer in a primary?

    I leave mine in the primary as long as I want. I've had some sit for months. I find that those beers are better than the ones left for a short time. They get more time to clear and the yeast get plenty of time to clean up the beer. Mike
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    Stepping up Starter

    If I'm not mistaken, oxidation is not a concern with a starter as you're not really trying to make finished beer, but make as many yeast cells as possible. You actually want as much oxygen in the wort as possible. What's funny is that I was going to ask this same question. Mike
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    natural carbonation in the keg

    I have had good luck with natural carbing, but I prefer force carbing. You get less sediment and you can dial in the pressure exactly. I only do the set and forget method though and my beer sits at serving pressure/temp for about a month so it's nice and clear and perfectly carbed. Mike
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    Switching to Better Bottles?

    Buckets FTW. Cheap, easy to use/lift/carry, easy to clean, just easy. I'll be phasing out my 6.5g glass carboys and going to all 7.9 gallon buckets. Plenty of room for fermentation. Mike
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    First house

    One piece of advice is not to stretch your budget on your first home. We bought much less than what we could afford and it was the best decision we could have made. You would be suprised at what kind of expenses spring up on you. Also when my wife lost her job and found out she was pregnant...
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    keg questions...c02, beer and no dispense?

    Ok with the gas hooked up you push the poppet on the out side down and you get what? These kegs aren't that complex. If you have the diptube on the out side and you can push the poppet down, you should get beer in the face if you have pressure in the keg. Mike
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    Ebay feedback pisses me off

    That's not right. Your buyers don't owe you a thing. If they pay promptly they should get feedback promptly. I think I'm going to start adding that seller didn't leave feedback first in the comments. Mike
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    Ebay feedback pisses me off

    Nothing frustrates me more than when I buy something from ebay, pay as soon as the auction is over and the seller waits until I give them positive feedback before they give me mine. I paid you right away, so I should get feedback right away. Mike
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    The cure for your short hose troubles

    Simply awesome. I just put 2 of these into a keg of Belgian Wit that I had at 12PSI. I really wanted to run 15PSI, but with only 5ft it sucked to pour. Now 15PSI no problems. I may even run a 1/2 or 1/4 sized one in my 10 PSI beers. Mike