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    Single Secondary Regulator & Keg Coupler

    I am in Georgia and looking for a single secondary regulator and a keg coupler. Let me know if you have them via a PM.
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    Georgia Stainless Single Tap Tower

    This item has been sold. Have a stainless steel single tap tower. I bought another tower with 2 taps and don't have any need for this one. $25 plus $15 shipping or local pickup
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    Georgia 5 lb Oxygen Tank with Regulator

    Up for sale a full 5 lb oxygen tank with a regulator. Regulator is very nice and the gauges are easy to read with a small range. I used this for home brewing but downsizing so I don't need this anymore. I do have a diffusion stone as well with some hose that works that I can throw in...
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    Georgia Georgia Single Faucet

    I moved into a new place and took this barely used tower off my kegerator that the old owner had attached. I am looking to get $25 plus $10 shipping so $35.
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    Georgia Last Sale of Remaining Item

    I have some items up for sale as I am getting out of homebrewing. I will ship some items but some of these items local pickup is preferred because of the cost to ship to the end user. 15.5 gallon Keggle with bargain fittings 1/2 ball valve and barb. Also includes bargain fittings site gauge and...
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    Georgia Blichmann Burner & More

    I still have a couple of items I need to sell as I am getting out of brewing. Would like to do local pickup only on these items due to the weight. SOLD Blichmann Burner with extension legs. Have had this since December $185 5 lb O2 tank with regulator, diffusion stone and hose (full) $135...
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    Georgia Retiring from Homebrew - All Items for Sale

    Unfortunately I am going to sell my brewing items due to my allergy. I really hate to do it but in order for me to feel better I need to cut out all wheat. I have included the link to the pictures I took. Let me know if you are interested and we will go from there. I have approximately 5...
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    Georgia FS: Keg Items

    I have a couple extra items I am looking to sell. Olmstead Products Corp Single Faucet Keg Tower. Model number 153. Online this goes for $75-$80 new before shipping. Below is a link of the item. It is pretty new and in working order. Looking to get $55 shipped...
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    2 Tap Keezer - $225 OBO (Atlanta Area)

    I am moving at the end of this month to another place that already has a built in kegerator so I am selling my 2 tap keezer. It is a 5 cubic foot Haier chest freezer that is around 7 years old but since I have moved a lot (4 times in 7 years) it probably only has 2 years of actual use. Cost...
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    Any fat tire recipes

    I have been looking around for a good all grain recipes. I read Yooper has one but cannot find it via search or google. Anyone else have one?
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    Why and favorite part of home brewing??

    I know for me my brother homebrews and i was intrigued. I had one of his brews and it was pretty good. He told me the process and the cost of a batch and i was hooked. Love the time away and creating my own beer. While it is a hobby for me eventually (in 2020) i might break even.
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    Expensive beer you homebrew

    Wondering what beer everyone homebrews instead of buying it at the store? Personally i would rather clone / make my own three floyds zombie dust than pay for it. What does everyone else brew, how much does it cost to buy in a sixer at the store and if you have a good recipe post it.
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    2 US "D" Couplers - $20 OBO

    I am selling my 2 US "D" type sanke couplers that I have sitting around in my garage for a couple of months. they are in great shape and have all the parts. I would like $20 each OBO before shipping. Send a reply to this thread or send me an email to [email protected] I am...
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    2 American "D" system sankey couplers - $25 each shipped

    I am looking to sell both of my American "D" system sankey couplers that I have had in my garage for a couple of months. They have been used very little, have all of the parts, and hold pressure fine. Send me an email to [email protected] if you are interested because I can only get...