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  1. TylersBrewingSupply

    yeastDB - Comprehensive Fermentation Organism Database

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but here goes anyways.... I've taken the yeastbot spreadsheet database, and made a web interface for it. Not all of the info is there, mostly because a lot of the information is hard to find. That being said, I will be scouring the internet...
  2. TylersBrewingSupply

    2014 Hop garden photo thread

    Here's my trellis that I will be planting 3 varieties in. First time growing hops (I'll probably kill them). Just waiting on the rhizomes (Neo-1, Cascade, and Kent)
  3. TylersBrewingSupply

    A couple of little online tools I made

    Just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of little online calculators I made. Both of these are mobile friendly first, so you can use them without needing your laptop around. BrooCalcs (Just a little collection of one shot calculators) and StarterCalc *also on previous link (A...
  4. TylersBrewingSupply

    Weldless Triclover Element?

    That looks quite sexy sir