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    Blichmann 55 Gallon G2 Pot

    In search of someone wanting to part with theirs. :tank:
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    False Bottom 2.0

    Got tired of collapsing my false bottom on my 25 gallon kettle. Some high gravity 16 gallon brews require 75 lbs of grain or so. So after the second collapse I reinforced the original false bottom with some stainless steel candy. Worked like a TANK today! Not even a ripple in the metal this...
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    Fifty Pound Sack

    anyone know what happened to them? The website is up but for months nothing is in stock... Can't sell grain if you don't stock grain... This sucks as they were my favorite go-to for Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner bags. Time to find another source...
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    Olde Hickory Irish Walker Barleywine

    I have been researching this recipe in anticipation of brewing something close. Although I am only an hour from the brewery it is tough to get a hold of as demand is so high. Anyone come across a recipe or more information on how it is brewed? The basics are: Irish Walker is an...
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    Failed Sour Beer Uses

    here's one commercial brewery's idea of what to do when you sour becomes too acetic.... LOL
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    Any Bottle Any Size

    Just received my crown adapter for the Champagne Floor Corker including both 26.5 mm and 29 mm bells. I can now cork or cap pretty much ANY bottle! Sweet! (at least to me it is). SO if you have a large stockpile of 29mm craft beer bottles in the Charlotte, NC area please feel free to...
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    East Coast Yeast Experiment

    Anyone had the pleasure yet of sampling a side by side comparison of Bug Farm (ECY01), Bug County (ECY20) and Flemish Ale (ECY02) with relatively the same base beer?
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    Canning Explosion

    Hopefully this will drive the price down for Craft Beer (therefore we can drink more while cloning the ones we really like).
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    Carboy Aging VS Cornelius Keg Aging

    Cornelius kegs take up much less space per 5 gallon batch in my keezers than Carboys. For example I can get 11 kegs into a Frigidaire 14.6 cf chest freezer; but only 6 carboys into the same chamber. Please keep in mind that my question is based on secondary conditioning once the FG is...
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    Brett Taste in The Bruery Saison Rue

    I just enjoyed a bottle of Saison Rue by The Bruery. One question as I am new to Brett fermented beers. Is this beer indicative of what Brett "tastes like"? I've heard the earthy, haylike, horseblanket, etc. anomalies but wasn't sure what to consider the "Brett taste".
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    Maximum Souring

    Thoughts or experiences of the collective group on a few questions: - What is the longest you have soured a beer at fermentation temperature? - What temperature do you typically use (I use 68F)? - How long in regards to souring/fermentation is too long to the point where it is no longer...
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    Sampling Sours

    Do most folks take the time to Carbon Dioxide flush the headspace - no matter how small - of your carboy after taking a sample of an aging sour? If I am not nutz this would eliminate the chance of acetic acid formation due to sampling. Sampling once is said to introduce more oxygen into the...
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    Forbidden Fruit WY3463

    What odd yeast. Anyone else use it before? I put it into a 1.107 O.G. Grand Cru Van De Keizer (three 5.5 gallon batches) on 5/18/2014. yeast nutrients in the boil and 90 seconds of pure oxygen per batch. Let it cool to 63 F over the first night in one of my fermentation chest keezers...
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    False Bottom Failure

    Damn the bad luck.... After a long history of 1.050's brews with about 35 lbs of barley into 15 gallons of mash water this one bit it... 25 gallon brew pot. I completed a Grand Cru Cuvee Van De Keizer clone but took a bullet in the process. 1.104 OG with 75 lbs of barley and 14 gallons of...
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    Plate Chiller's First Lye Cleaning

    This is one is a Duda Diesel B3-23A 30 plate wort chiller. Been thru a few dozen 15 gallon brews. Always back and forward flushed with PBW after each brew or 2 (sometimes I do backers). Lots of stuff comes out after each flush - I thought it was friggin clean.... NOT SO! This was...
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    Maltodextrin in the Secondary

    I apologize if this is a repeat question (it was sort of answered when I searched but not completely). Do folks add Maltodextrin to the Secondary about 2 months in after the saccharomyces cerevisiae is done and dormant/dead to give the Brett more food? In a perfect world a turbid or high...
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    Collar Porn

    Threw this collar together today - nothing fancy - more utilitarian than anything for this build. In the future a prettier build is in store. Either way the Perlick 630SS with stainless collar sure is pretty. Will have 4 Perlicks and then one Stainless stout tap.
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    Perlick Gas Blender

    Just got my paws on 2 Perlick Gas Blenders built into a rig coming from a set of CO2 and Nitrogen regulators. Stout Heaven here I come! 75/25, 60/40 - I'll be able to adjust to whatever the recipe is best served with! :ban:
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    Kinda Aroused by BugCounty ECY-20!

    Hell Yeah! 15 Gallons of Lambic Strong Wheat infected with ECY-20 BugCounty!!! That chit is tough to get. 8 months till it's ready! Can't wait to pitch onto those yeast cakes!
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    Avangard Malz Brand

    Has anyone tried this brand of malted barley? It is advertised as widely used in Europe and top quality. is offering it - I bought 220 pounds to give it a try as has been out of Pilsner grain for a long time now (not sure what is happening with them - they...