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  1. SirMontalbon

    Wiring Advice, 240v 3 Prong, Use Neutral as GND?

    I'm upgrading from propane to electric and have become confused regarding using neutral as a ground. My outlet is 3-pronged with hot red, hot black, and neutral white. Reading in terms of grounding, I've read don't use neutral as ground because is dumps stray current to the body of the...
  2. SirMontalbon

    Georgia Taprite T1683ST Three Way Secondary Regulator

    SOLD Never used, only tested. Bought this recently and noticed one of the gas outputs was bent. Called the place I ordered it from and they sent me a new one and let me keep this one. It holds pressure fine on the first two regulators, but the third leaks. It can be used as a two way...
  3. SirMontalbon

    1st post, 1st beer, 1st starter... Starter Calculator Question

    I've finally got all my equipment in order and am ready to brew after a good 3-4 months of research. I will be brewing a pilsner extract kit. Here's my recipe: ****************************************************** Fermentables 6 lb Liquid Malt Extract - Pilsen 1 lb Dry Malt Extract -...