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    Tennessee A419 Johnson Controller for sale

    I have a used, a little over a year, works perfectly. Selling for $65.00 plus shipping costs. I attached a stock photo of the device.
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    100% Brett IPA - FG still high

    I brewed a brett IPA, followed the Cairn 100% Brett IPA recipe in the May-June 2014 BYO magazine. After three weeks the FG was 1.028. FG is suppose to be 1.010. I shook the fermenter and let it sit for another week. Today, I checked FG and its 1.027. Should I let it sit longer or do...
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    Finished fermenter

    Well, I switched my old freezer out and made it into a fermenter. I built it like my keezer, just no collar. I have an STC1000 I am using as my temp controller and an old lamp as my heat source. I worked well with a 5 cubic foot, so it should work with the older 7 cubic foot. I used bead...
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    Eisbock Ale

    I made an Eisbock ale, using an english ale kit and lagering for a couple of weeks. Here are the pics and tomorrow bottling time.
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    Apple Ale eisenbach

    I decided to take my Midwest brew Apple Ale kit and make an eisenbach. I am brewing the batch today and will be using WLP775 English Cider Yeast by White Labs as the yeast. Has anyone ever tried/done this before? Brent
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    Altbier plastic taste

    I just bottled an Altbier after 2 weeks in primary and 2 weeks in secondary and it has a plastic taste, not smell. Will bottle conditioning mellow out the taste?
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    IPA and Altbier, keep on primary longer than 10 days

    I brewed an IPA and an Altbier last Saturday and fermentation has almost ceased. I won't be able to move to secondary for at least another week (the 14th or 15th of October). Does anyone see any issues or problems with the potential delay? Brent
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    Belgian Trippel slow fermentation

    I brewed a Midwest Belgian Trippel last a week ago and fermentation is slow. Is that normal?
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    English ale yeast in a Hefeweizen

    I did not have an hefeweizen yeast for a Hank's hefeweizen, so I substituted an English Ale Yeast (WLP005). Any ideas on what I can expect? Thank you in advance.
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    Midwest Belgian Honey Ale fermentation in Keezer

    I brewed a Belgian Honey Ale from Midwest and for the last month, I have been keeping in a soft side cooler as a fermentation chamber. I am getting tired of swapping out the ice packs every two days. What would happen if I let the secondary fermentation happen in my keezer. I keep temp...
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    Newbie kegging question

    I have a stout and a saison ready to bottle. However, I am in the process of building my keezer and will not be finished for at least 2 weeks. Is it possible to keg the beer and let the two kegs sit with no carbonation? Thank you in advance. Brent
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    8.8 cubic foot (9) Frigidaire keezer build

    Started my keezer build last night. My buddy Kyle and I were able to build the bottom frame and attach the collar. I purchased a 8.8 (9) cubic foot chest freezer from lowe's. The 12.9 was only $30 more but I could not accomodate the extra 8 inch increase (front to back). We plan to...