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  1. edie

    Favorite Brewery in Albuquerque?

    Marble for me. Have a long weekend planned next weekend, just wondering.
  2. edie

    Beer T

    wasn't sure where to post. saw a t-shirt a couple of months ago. "I brew my own beer. So I got that going for me" Anyone know where I might get one?
  3. edie

    Thoughts on 1st attempt at a recipe

    hoping for a low hop rye 4.5 rye LME 2.0 x-light LME 2.0 american 2-row 1.25 caramunich I .75 munich malt .75 crystal 60 1.0 liberty @ 60 1.5 tettnanger @ 15 .5 hallertau @ 5 american ale yeast seems like it might be a little malty but don't want to end up too hoppy. any...
  4. edie

    Painfully Newb Question

    finally got the cider to start fermentation about a week and a half ago. i think! what happens next? was going to just leave it fermenting at 70* in the primary until a couple of weeks before c.mas then carb and see what i've got. sound like a plan?
  5. edie

    Anyone feel up to converting a recipe?

    would like to convert one of the following from all grain to extract. any help is greatly appreciated. we've brewed only kits so far so a schedule would be greatly appreciated. Recipe Type: All Grain Yeast: Wyeast 3056 Yeast Starter: 1 L Additional Yeast or Yeast Starter: no Batch Size...
  6. edie

    wanting to brew a rye

    had the rocky mountain rye from smuggler's brewery in telluride again this year while at the blues and brews festival. love that beer! love that festival! i've wanted to brew a rye but every extract recipe has ibu's at 35-40+. too hoppy for me. anyone know of a recipe with maybe a 15-25...
  7. edie

    Telluride Blues & Brews

    :ban: :ban: :ban: :ban: :ban: :ban: anyone going?
  8. edie

    dead guy clone

    6 lbs Light LME 2 lb. 2-row Brewers Malt 1.25 lb. Cara-Munich I 0.81 lb. Light Munich 1.0 oz Sterling hops (Bittering) 60mins 0.5 oz Sterling hops (Flavoring) 15 mins 1 tsp. Irish moss 2/3 to 3/4 cup corn sugar to prime Wyeast 1764 Rogue Pacman Yeast above are my ingredients for a...
  9. edie

    Fermentation Chamber airlock?

    purchased a 7cu ft freezer and installed an external thermostat to use as a fermentation chamber. do i need to install some sort of an airlock? thanks for any input
  10. edie

    Yeast Starter?

    going to be using Wyeast 1764 with a dead guy clone. should i make a starter?
  11. edie

    High Gravity LHBS

    has anyone brewed any of the High Gravity kits? looking at their dead guy clone.
  12. edie

    Says-It Website

    anyone else having a problem with the "official seal" selection?
  13. edie

    Is this doing any good?

    summer started early in Oklahoma (again). we're already into upper 90's with a couple of months of this or even higher temps. have been putting 6.5 gal buckets in a tub of water and then adding a couple of frozen water bottles 3 times a day. the water in the tub comes up to just about the...
  14. edie

    Beaumont Club, KC

    read something about the FoodTruckFest at something called the Backyard at the Beaumont Club, sponsored by Pitch(?) and Boulevard. anyone know anything about this? can't find much info.
  15. edie

    Orange Hefe

    Just an update. Brewed the Blood Orange Hefe receipe that's posted here somewhere on 04.23. Couldn't find blood oranges so used the zest of 5 navel oranges, threw that in at 10min left in the boil. Primary for a week then used the "meat" of 6 navel oranges, secondary for a week. Kegged...
  16. edie


    Not exactly sure how to word this but wondering how many have entered a brew in "sanctioned" event? Not talking about a club, everyone brew a poorer and see who's best, but an actual event. Not to belittle a friendly challenge. Just curious, I have not.
  17. edie


    Going to rack onto oranges today. I'm not going to use any zest, just going to peel the oranges, put it in mesh bag and drop in the bucket. Question: do I need to boil? I get that the zest would need to boiled but the meat?
  18. edie

    Okc thunder

    Oklahoma City THUNDER going for the series tonight. :ban: :ban: hope memphis can pull off the upset. home court advantage would be OURS!! THUNDER UP BABY!!
  19. edie

    Need an answer

    How cool can I pitch WLP300?
  20. edie

    Adding orange

    Have read several times about not getting the white from the peel when you zest. Then the recipe tells me to boil the peels. Is that not going to add bitterness? Peel=white stuff?