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    10 Gallon Extract Batch

    I am planning on creating an apple ale, but a thought occurred to me today -- would there be any obvious detriment or drawbacks to me making a ten gallon batch? I have only ever fermented five gallons of any given wort batch at a time. What I was thinking of doing is brewing 3 gallons of very...
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    Time to panic?

    I got a Belgian Wit kit about a week ago. It had a smack pack included in it, and I completely forgot to refrigerate it because I'm used to using vials now and making just completely slipped my mind. So no refrigeration for a week -- I pitched it eight ours ago (after activating...
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    Yeast situation/dilemma

    Alright, let me first start off by saying this extract batch was a complete and total experiment. I used an Imperial Blonde Ale kit from Brewer's Best to host my attempt at creating a high ABV flavor packed beer, and seeing how the end result came about. I knew I was going to be shooting...
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    IBA -- Looking for opinions

    Alright I am about to start an Imperial Blonde Ale soon. It's an extract partial boil ingredient kit. I have never had an IBA before, but based on the description + IBUs + ABV, I'm pretty sure I have a good idea about how it's going to turn out. I have a few ideas, and wanted to see what any of...
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    Yeast health/life

    From everything I have been reading, and continue to read it seems like yeast is a very durable, yet fickle beast. Some accounts and articles highlight yeast as being fragile and very susceptible to dying off because of conditions, time, lack of food, too much food, temperature...etc etc...
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    I'm a very new brewer. I have completed one batch, my first being a brewer's best ingredient kit of IPA which turned out absolutely wonderfully. It was probably the great success and exhilaration of the brewing/fermentation process that turned me to feel more daring already on my second batch...