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  1. K

    Empty CO2 bottle

    I just put a brand new co2 bottle on my keg system. This is my first homebrew kegging. After about a week the co2 bottle is almost empty. I sprayed it with soapy water but seen no bubbles. Does anyone have any tricks for finding keg co2 leaks?
  2. K

    Airlock keeps getting foam in it

    My air lock keeps filling with foam. I keep changing it out for a clean one. This is only my third time I have brewed and the first time I have seen this. My question is should I keep changing it for a clean airlock? I am making sure it is sanitized and I fill the new one with sanitized water.
  3. K

    My first brew question

    I just transferred to my secondary fermentor. I did not have any foam in the primary fermentor. Maybe a little around the edges. My hydrometer reading looked good. Should I be concerned I did not have much foam? Thanks for your help.