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    Drilling Kettles

    I just used a step bit and had my wife hold the hose next to the bit while I drilled it. I did 9 holes this way and the bit is still as good as new. Slow and cool and you shouldn't have a problem.
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    Question about mashing a large grain bill

    I like that idea! Sounds like a good GoFundMe :D Thanks everyone. I'll probably just go the DME route the first time and see how it comes out. If there isn't much of a flavor difference then I'll just leave it at that.
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    Question about mashing a large grain bill

    Thanks Yooper, I will probably give that a try.
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    Question about mashing a large grain bill

    I have plans to convert a 1/2 bbl keg to a mash tun in the spring so don't want to build one just for this batch. Thanks though!
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    Question about mashing a large grain bill

    I fly sparge but I wonder if I sparged about 1/3rd and then let it rest for 15min or so, did another third and rested again.. hmmm I thought to do a thicker mash but my efficiency always seems to be a little low when I do.
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    Is it worth stirring the mash halfway through?

    I stir my mash at 15min in and 30min in. Just a few passes and it seams to help my OG. At 15min I'm really just making sure there isn't a dough balls, at 30min I do just to aid in conversion. If I don't do the 30min, I tend to be 72-74% efficiency, with it I've never been below 75% (unless I...
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    Question about mashing a large grain bill

    Recently I made an IPA, 5 gal batch, that was a huge hit. Literally the entire keg was gone in a few hours with about 8 people. Ever since, they've been hounding me to make more. Typically I do 5 gal batches to try a new recipe, if its a keeper, I'll do 10 gal batches moving forward. That...
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    Hop viability..

    Yeah they would be going in a porter(ish)/brown ale(ish) beer anyway so low IBU. I'll give them the ol sniffer test and see if they are cheesy at all.
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    Hop viability..

    So I did a mass cleaning of my brew area and found a box of grain I had purchased on 8/24/16. I realized under the grain was a few packages of hops from Hoptimus Rex. They are still sealed in original packaging. Think they are any good still? It never gets above 62 degrees in my brew area so...
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    Thermoworks 8689 pH meter?

    I just ordered one and will try it out. Admittedly I don't have any other pH meters to compare it to, I typically use the test strips, but I'll take some pictures and videos when I give it a try. I'll play guinea pig :D
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    Bullet bitten.. Ss Conical ordered..

    I agree. I was waiting to see what Spike Brewing's 14 gal was going to look like but after sitting tight for 6 months, I just didn't want to wait any longer. I've got a few recipes that everyone really enjoys and a 5 gal batch just doesn't last long enough, so looking forward to this!
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    Bullet bitten.. Ss Conical ordered..

    Well for the last week I had a shopping cart full of parts and pieces at Ss Brewtech. The 14 gal Brewmaster Series conical, with various parts to make it even more kick a$$. For a week I looked at it.. pondered if I should or shouldn't.. justified it as much as I could in my head, and to my...
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    Electric conversion

    An all electric setup was my project last spring. About 5 batches through it and couldn't be happier. There is a few things I'd change if I did it over but what a fun project. REALLY improved consistency from batch to batch! Now I just sit back and watch it go while drinking a HB. :D Good luck...
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    International Dark Lager Black Barley Coffee Lager

    Try it and let us know. You could use a little Carafa and then some coffee grounds or extract in secondary. I'd lean toward extract so you don't get any additional bitterness from the grounds.
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    International Dark Lager Black Barley Coffee Lager

    I don't do BIAB so no I've never tried it that way. BeerSmith is pretty darn accurate with most things so I'd trust it. Either way you could look at the 5gal grain percentages and then just match them for a 3 gal batch, then tweak for your efficiency. I'd try it, it'll get you close enough...
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    International Dark Lager Black Barley Coffee Lager

    Here is BeerSmith's conversion to 3 gal BIAB, you can tweak the numbers to be more even.. Still one of my favorite brews! BeerSmith 2 Recipe Printout - Recipe: Coffee Lager Brewer: CraigH78 Asst Brewer: Style: Dark American Lager TYPE: All Grain Taste: (30.0) Recipe...
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    Having some foam issues with my kreezer, any ideas?

    Ok so I just finished a kreezer and collar build. I started off with the kreezer and temp controller to make sure everything was working correctly. We had a party over Labor Day weekend so I put a 1/2 keg of Sam Adams in it, put my CO2 bottle and regulators in it, and a simple picnic tap so...
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    5 Gallon Plastic Water Bottles for Secondary

    Hello All, I get regular Deer Park water delivered. Recently they switched to #1 PETE bottles. I have 4 empty and 2 which will be empty likely by the end of next week. I know the PETE Better Bottles are $20+, while these I have a $6 deposit into them. If anyone is looking for secondary...
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    Raspberrry Wit Thoughts..

    A buddy of mine like the Shock Top Raspberry Wit, going to take a stab at it.. Using some of the Blue Moon clones out there as a base.. 4.5# Morris Otter 4.5# Flaked Wheat 1# Flaked Oat 1oz East Kent Goldings 5.00% @ 60 .5oz Coriander @ 5 .5oz Bitter Orange Peel .5oz Sweet Orange Peel...
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    What do you think of this recipe? - Maple Brown Ale

    Ok, how much do you suggest per 5 gallons?