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    RaspberryPints Flow Meter Alternative

    I was wondering if anyone has used an alternative, less expensive flow meter than what is listed in the instructions for the RapsberryPint with flow meter instructions? I was looking at Has anyone else used these, or have...
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    Sparging oops O2 induction?

    Here is my dilemma. At the end of my wort transfer while batch sparging, i realized my 8gal pot was going to be too small my 7.25 gal of wort. So....I transferred the wort to my BIAB pot (12gal). But, while doing so, induced a **** load of O2, not thinking. I probably should have siphoned...
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    Yet another Infection concern

    So i have brewed about 10 batches of beer, with my many Mr. Beer kits i have. This is the first time i have seen this in my fermenter. This is an American Ale HME with 12oz of DME. Fermentation started on the 12th of Dec. at 72F, OG @ 1.042. I have never seen these white floaties on the top...