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    Sanitized distilled water got in carboy

    I had a blow off tube hooked up to my carboy during fermentation. Once I checked gravity I turned down my fridge to cold crash and forgot to take the blow off tube out. I now have about 2in of the sanitized liquid on top of my beer. Should I throw it out or try and filter it off some type of way?
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    Trying to get my first BIAB in order need help

    Hi All, I'm only a few brews in using all extract and I want to give BIAB a try. I like big beers and it seems that using extract method will cost me an arm and a leg over all grain or BIAB. I have beer smith 2 and for the life of me I can not get my adjustments right for my recipe of...
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    Should I pitch two smack packs to buy stir plate?

    I'm looking to buy a stir plate but I am brewing this friday and won't be able to get to my local brew shop until maybe thursday night. Would I be fine with just buying two smack packs for a wort that should have a O.G of ~1.07?
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    Looking to increase abv of recipe

    I'm about to brew a recipe I found on here called Deception cream stout. It looks amazing but when buying some of my ingredients I noticed I would have some extra and I wanted to if I made some slight adjustments would it mess up anything? Looking to increase the amber to 5lb and wheat to 2lb...
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    What's the best way to heat my primary

    I was about to make another batch of beer next weekend and I'm concerned that I won't be able to hold a steady temperature of 67. My house isn't very well insulated and during the not the temps can get down to 55 degrees in some parts of the house. I was thinking of getting a heating pad or...
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    What to brew for the holidays?

    I'm looking to brew my second batch ever and want to have it stronger than my previous belgian white (4.5%). This time I'm looking for some big favors like maybe chocolate or cherry and such. I purchased beer smith but I'm still trying to figure out how to work it, so I'm looking for a tried and...
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    How long after I bottle should I sample?

    Hey fellow brewers: So long story short I finished my beer in a primary and made sure it reached the FG. Racked into the bottling bucket then filled bottles. I was going to let it sit for two weeks (which would have been 9/30) However, I got impatient and sampled a bottle on (9/26) that I was...
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    Should I wait longer to take a reading?

    I am at the two week mark of my first batch of beer. It is a Belgian white and the recipe said to wait 3 days up to 2 weeks. I have kept it at a steady 66 degrees and yesterday before I left for work the top looked clear and I heard bubbles every min or so. When I got up the temps had rose to 72...
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    Anyone going to Oktoberfest this year?

    I was planing on going since I missed last year. It's being held at Xfinity live in Philly. Here is a link to more details about the event.
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    How much water to boil?

    Hi, I'm looking to start my first brew today. My local home brew store helped me pick out a Belgian White for my first recipe. The instructions say to boil 1 1/2 gallons of water and not to add additional water until after in the fermenter. I wanted to know if boiling that little water in the...
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    Need help with used brew equipment

    Hi All, I just got a great deal from a member on here for the following: 8 gallon kettle Carboy Wort chiller My concerns are about cleaning. I used BKF to remove the rust and stains from the chiller and kettle, however I'm concerned about how I should clean the Carboy. It looks in good...