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  1. safedude

    What beer styles and/or yeast to do diacetyl rest?

    Is diacetyl resting limited to specific styles of beer or yeast strains? I did it for a lager a while back, but haven't brewed in a bit. I'm thinking of brewing an APA using us-05 - fermented somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-65 degrees. Should I warm it up to room temp (72ish) before kegging?
  2. safedude

    2.5 gallon kegs - Los Angeles area

    Anyone got any 2.5 gallon kegs to sell me? 1 or more. I'm in LA, but can travel to surrounding areas. Thanks!
  3. safedude

    Help finding or making an Ss brewtech 7 gallon Chronical neoprene jacket

    I bought this conical along with the cooling kit off a friend, but he misplaced the neoprene insulation jacket. I saw one on eBay a while back for $20, but it got snatched. Does anyone have an idea of how I could get one or something similar? Maybe I could make one? I emailed Ss brewtech...
  4. safedude

    All beer tastes sour to me lately

    Is this a punishment from God? The past week EVERY beer I've encountered has had a slight sour tinge to it. Even commercial beers like Miller lite. We're talking different sources... On tap, can, bottle... Is my life over? I HATE sour beer.
  5. safedude

    Adjusting final beer with water equation help

    For various seasons (low volume turnout + too high abv) could someone shed some light on how to calculate a new abv if I were to add water to my finished beer? And the same deal with ibu? It's an APA at 32 ibu and 6% abv at 4 gallons. I was playing around with my newish conical and got trigger...
  6. safedude

    What kind of beer would this be?

    I'm getting some premade wort with the following.. 6 gallons. OG 1.05. SRM 10. Grist: Rahr 2-row (90%) Weyermann Munich (5%) Simpsons Dark Crystal (5%) What kind of beer could I make from this concoction? And what yeasts? Thanks!
  7. safedude

    Help! (SSBT Chronical)- I forgot the racking arm!

    I brewed a batch of American pale ale last night with my 7 gallon Ss brewtech Chronical. After filling the fermenter I realized I forgot to insert the internal rotatable racking arm. The rotatable bent metal tube to help transport the beer without sucking up the trub sediment. Should I...
  8. safedude

    Any powder sanitizers?

    Does anyone know of any powder sanitizers for brewing? Preferably a no rinse. The only 2 I found are sani-pure, which I can't find any info in regards to brewing... And one-step which is actually a cleanser not a sanitizer.
  9. safedude

    HME? Do people really use it?

    From my understanding, hopped malt extract is how crappy kits like Mr. Beer accomplish their fool-proof recipes. But do any serious home brewers ever use the stuff?
  10. safedude

    Anyone with a black beauty capper??

    Based on my quick research, the "black beauty" capper seems to be the cheapest on the market. Does anyone know what company manufacturers this ? If you have one, are there any manufacturer markings on it? I'm trying to source the cheapest capper for bulk wholesale. Thanks!
  11. safedude

    Please take a look at my "VERY simple 1.5 gallon blonde" recipe

    Ok, so I'm trying to create a very, very simple blonde ale recipe for someone who has never brewed before (grandfather) - just for fun. I was going to buy one of those kits, but I figured it'd be more fun assembling it myself. I'm trying to keep the boil schedule very minimal with no...
  12. safedude

    Pale ale tastes like Blue Moon?!?!

    So I made what I thought to be an APA (recipe from homebrew kit store). After fermenting out and kegging, I poured a glass and it was not what I was expecting. It wasn't bad at all (in fact quite good), but it certainly did not taste like an American Pale Ale. It tasted more like a hefe or...
  13. safedude

    Hit FG in 5 days. How long should I wait to keg?

    I'm doing a basic 5 gallon pale ale in my conical. Fermenting at 65 degrees internal. OG 1.05. Using us-05 yeast it hit FG in about 5 days. (1.01). Right now I'm on day 11 after adding the 2 oz Citra dry hops 3 days ago. When should I keg this? It smelled like green apples for the first few...
  14. safedude

    What kind of keg is this?!

    I picked up this old 5 gallon Fanta rootbeer keg for cheap. The seal is no good and it needs the connections. Can anyone put a name on this style of keg so I can google it? The opening is about 4.5" and it's a twist on lid. I'm trying to find a new o-ring.
  15. safedude

    When to drain trub from conical? Day 3 ferm and smells like apples

    I'm on day 3 of fermentation of an APA. I'm using us-05. I know it's early, but there's an overwhelming acetaldehyde apple aroma. Being that it's a conical, I want to drain the trub before it gets too dense, but I'm afraid it's too early to take the beer off the cake. Everything I've read...
  16. safedude

    Pump for glycol chiller? How cold is too cold?

    Anyone know of a small submersible pump that can handle a 1:3 glycol/water mix at ~0 degrees F? Im looking to pump about 10 gallons.
  17. safedude

    Chest freezer compressor won't stop

    I bought a used chest freezer and I'm bummed to say it's probably faulty. I let it sit upright for 24 hrs before plugging it in. Once plugged in, the compressor has been running nonstop for 12 hours. It's on its lowest (warmest) setting and its reading at 0 degrees F. The compressor...
  18. safedude

    liner or contractor bag to hold water?

    Ok.. I know this is an odd topic and bags are not meant to hold 10 gallons of water, but I'm going to try anyways. I have a really small (odd shaped) chest fridge that I want to fill with water. the fridge has an exposed (not waterproof) thermostat and a bunch of seams that I don't trust. My...
  19. safedude

    Copper coil on exterior of fermenter?

    I know ive seen pictures of this, but for the life of me I can't find them again. I'm making a cooling setup for my conical fermenter. I don't have an immersion cooler. What are the pros/con of pumping cold water to a copper coil thats wrapped on the exterior of a 7 gallon SS fermenter...
  20. safedude

    Cheapest SS conical fermenter?

    The title says it all. Anyone know of the cheapest on the market right now?