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  1. J

    What to do with Munich II 10l? Jamil's Old Dark Bear?

    The only base malts I have in at the moment is Munich II (10l) (6kg) and a small amount of wheat malt (~1kg). I assume the Munich has enough diastatic power but i could add some wheat malt if necessary. Any suggestions of what I could brew? I have lots of speciality malts, several yeasts...
  2. J

    Coopers Stout - please help with first tinkering, an oatmeal espresso stout?

    Hello all. newbie here (well more or less) so go easy. Had a bit of rush of blood to the head yesterday and bought some ingredients with the idea of doing a partial mash adaptation of the Coopers Stout Kit. Here's what I bought. 1x Brupaks Malted Oats - 500gms 1x Crushed Roasted Barley -...