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    Things that sound dirty but aren't

    A couple guys i know "double pitched into hot wort"
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    Gravity Problem or Faulty Hydrometer?

    Upon running everything through my mind further, i forgot about another variable, maybe the biggest: I used tap water this time vice bottled for the first brew. Lesson learned.
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    Gravity Problem or Faulty Hydrometer?

    Just brewed my second beer tonight (AG). For my first beer last week my target gravity was 1.053, my OG was 1.052. Tonight my target was 1.057, and my OG came out at... 1.052 (again). The only thing i did different was the mash temp; the first beer i mashed at 154, and this one i mashed at 152...
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    Starter from non-washed yeast?

    So I made a starter 48 hours ago from a couple tablespoons of yeast cake from my primary. I did not wash the yeast. There is some dense matter on the bottom of my flask that wont suspend. When i pitch this in my next batch should i leave this unsuspendable matter in the bottom?
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    Yeast cake or starter?

    I am going to be racking my Black Ale tommorow to the secondary and am planning on making an IPA using the same yeast (WP001). Should I just toss my wort on top of the yeast cake? Or scoop some off the bottom and use a starter to get it going again? If option 2; how much should i scoop off the...
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    Economy brewpot and scorching

    Update: Brewed an all grain Black Ale on Black Friday in the 40 qt econ pot. No problems at all! I cant imagine buying a more expensive pot. And the boil off was not as much as i anticipated. 7 gal pre boil, 5.5 post at 210 degrees.
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    Sweet Potato beer!

    I found this in a science journal from 1920. It tells you how to prepare a "sweet potato syrup" by just covering the potatos with water, boiling, mashing them with the water, continue boiling, and skim the pulp from the top, leaving the sugary syrup behind. Has anyone tried this method? I would...
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    Economy brewpot and scorching

    Getting geared up to brew my first batch this weekend! One of my concerns is that my 40qt SS economy brewpot may lack considerably in the heat distribution department, and may contribute to scorched wort. How worried should i be? Does anyone else have experience with these AHS economy pots...